Pricing and Market Shifts

The market shifted. All of a sudden, my profit margin started becoming narrower and narrower.   The total amount I paid my

Pay Yourself First

I had left my high-paying corporate career and whilst it looked like I was free there was one big problem... I needed

How to Keep Good People

Staff retention. We’ve all experienced the challenge. Endless hours perfecting the job advert, days that roll into each other as you screen

How to avoid remote team disasters

  The stats about remote teams are great. Really great! Remote work increases worker productivity and efficiency while reducing employee turnover and

Delegation: When to Let Go

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you sometimes find it difficult to delegate. However, learning to let go of certain

How to Stop Wasting Time on a Project

Wasting time is something that happens in virtually every business, from the smallest start-up company to the largest enterprise organisation. However, it

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