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Let's cut to the chase — Paul Higgins is hands-down the best thing to arise from the LinkedIn platform. 

Microsoft, you can shut LinkedIn down now, it's served its purpose by introducing me to Paul.

Paul helps Tech Consultants (partners for companies like Zoho, HubSpot, Salesforce, Netsuite, Workday, etc.) like The Workflow Academy grow their business. Super useful stuff; he's made a zillion useful introductions for me as I've grown my business, and his advice and mentorship have made me 60K+ ARR.

Founder of The Workflow Academy Zoho Partner

New Clients

Peter Fuller. Founder of The Workflow Academy

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You've built your tech consulting business from scratch and conquered numerous challenges on your own.

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You’re a Salesforce, Netsuite, Monday.com, Zoho etc. partner and you work independently or with a small team and are starved for time and money. 

Time to leverage the help of others


Getting in your own way is the number one inhibitor to reaching your potential. 

Not intentionally, but you can minimize the risk by getting help from someone who has walked in your shoes. 

Scott Gellatly, CEO of ITGenius

Paul has shown me how to build a super-star team that’s removed me from client delivery. I’ve since replicated those principles and systems with excellent results. We’ve grown our team from 27 staff to 40. We’ve experienced a 30% gross profit growth during COVID. And I’ve finally been able to focus on more things I enjoy.

Scott Gellatly 
CEO, ITGenius