Tired of relying on licensing fees? 

Ready to diversify your revenue streams?

I help cloud partners create new revenue streams and sales systems that scale their business and get it ready to sell. 

Ready to scale? Tell me more.

As a cloud partner, you’re faced with low recurring revenue, vendor dependent leads and no marketing and sales team to help you scale. 

Paul Higgins Mentoring can help you strategize and systemize for explosive growth

Strategic Business Planning

Create a clear plan to move fast and achieve your goals within one year.

Sales and Marketing Systems 

Create a sales and marketing engine and operational process so you can reach your audience without paying for a sales team or ads.

Team Building

Put the right people in place so you can lead the company’s short and long term strategy and stay in your zone of genius.


“Paul has shown me how to build a partner program to deliver predictable clients without having to hire more sales people. This has smashed our revenue targets, but most important for me is he has given me more time to spend with my young family.”

Scott Gellatly, CEO of itGenius

“I came from a consulting background and own some e-commerce websites. I wanted to build a sales system fast to achieve 100 new clients for my Outsourcing business in less than 12 months.

What attracted me to Paul was his ability to convert his corporate sales experience into helping service-based others like me.

I didn’t have 12 months to learn it myself and Paul’s program in 12 weeks delivered exactly what I needed.”

Matt Yahes, CEO of Extend Your Team

“By following Paul’s sales system I was able to generate a $500K deal.”

Simon Hutchings, Founder of Hudl Analytics

Accelerate Sales Podcast has 350+ episodes to guide you on sales and growth strategies

Listen to Paul on the Accelerate Sales Podcast where he interviews experts and business owners sharing their strategies on how to Accelerate sales to scale a tech consulting Business. 

In Paul’s solo episodes he unveils the exact steps which lead to his successful exit and the learnings from mentoring others.