Scale your Cloud Consulting business faster to have more money, flexibility and a saleable asset

As the owner, you need to move out of delivery into sales & marketing in order to scale. 

In this 10min video I cover how you can do this. 

You are consulting, selling and implementing SaaS platforms. 

This is no easy feat having done it myself for 5 years before exiting to a Google partner.

Now I want to help you to do the same in these four ways:


Do you have these challenges learning on your own?  

  • You are in several tech communities but they don’t talk about business and in particular sales and marketing. 

  • You have been burnt by sales and marketing agencies/experts in the past and don’t know where to go next

  • You know you are reinventing the wheel as surely someone else like me has solved this before


A free community of like minded peers talking business called the Cloud Consultants Collective (CCC). 

Why join:

  • Getting your burning business questions answered by owners from multi SaaS platforms to save you time and money 

  • Build your network of people who 100% get you 

  • Get curated content specifically for Cloud Consultants without all the noise 


Do you have these challenges of being great at what you do but no one knows?

  • You know your potential clients are on Linkedin but your presence is poor 

  • You post content and get little or no love 

  • You know peers are wining on Linkedin but you don’t know what is missing 


A paid community of like minded peers boosting your content on Linkedin called the Sales Machine (SM).

The results are:

  • Increased profile views and 10x increase in post impressions by your ideal clients

  • Qualified leads through posting and outreach 

  • Increased conversions by people who like, know and trust you through your content

Check it out here.


Do you have these challenges of needing consistent sales leads outside of referrals?

  • You have dabbled in LinkedIn outreach in the past with limited success 

  • You don’t like receiving spammy messages and don’t want to send them 

  • You don’t have the budget to have it done for you and a team to help 


A LinkedIn outreach strategy in 4 sessions which took 4 years to perfect called Fast track.

The results are:

  • 100% clarity on who your ideal client is and how to attract them

  • The scripts to achieve 40% connection requests and 20% replies 

  • A team member trained or a resource given to you to implement fast to get high quality leads 

Check it out here.


Do you have these challenges of scaling too slow?  

  • You are smart, passionate and driven but you are constantly put into new situations without the knowledge to solve them 

  • You have a technical background with no sales training and experience 

  • You have so many options on where to take the business but no way of knowing which are better than others


Working one-on-one with me to build your business model, your sales and marketing engine and your team through the scale program.

The results are:

  • Making the right decisions at the right time to component growth 

  • A business less reliant upon you 

  • More time to do what you love with whom you love 

Apply here.


I went from a solo operator to selling a cloud consulting business to a google partner – life could not be better.  I could not have done this without the support of Paul.  His experience across corporate and small business was invaluable.
Scott Gellatly, CEO of itGenius
Matt Yahes
“I came from a consulting background and own some e-commerce websites. I wanted to build a sales system fast to achieve 100 new clients for my business in less than 12 months.  What attracted me to Paul was his ability to convert his corporate sales experience into helping owners like me. I didn’t have 3 to 4 years to learn it myself and Paul’s program in 12 months delivered exactly what I needed.”
Matt Yahes, CEO of Extend Your Team
Simon Hutchings
“My experience was as senior finance person in a large bank –  handy but not equipped to scale a consulting business.  Working with Paul saw me create a solid business which generated a $500K deal.”
Simon Hutchings, Founder of Hudl Analytics
“Paul has been a mentor to me for a number of years now. During that time Bean Ninjas has doubled in revenue due to implementing Paul’s system, and I’ve also brought on a business partner. The support and advice from Paul around these big decisions have been invaluable.”
Meryl Johnston, Founder of Bean Ninjas
Sholto Macpherson
“Paul Higgins is unique among the plethora of business mentors because he brings three things that you never find together. Raw data and results from marketing experiments that Paul tests in the process of growing his own business; tips on discipline & self-control for avoiding shiny balls and process excellence and execution thanks to decades in corporate.“
Sholto Macpherson, Spalla AI
“Paul is a thoughtful business leader who genuinely cares about the members in his network. His keen eye for efficiency and ability to systemise even the most chaotic of businesses into a balanced, manageable and profitable state is quite remarkable. If you’re an overwhelmed business owner, I strongly recommend you work with Paul.
Matt Dillon, Director of Boss Projects
Leah Mether
Having someone to bounce ideas off, seek recommendations from and have accountability with is essential to small business success. For me, one of the key people in my support and mentoring team who does just that is Paul Higgins. Paul’s guidance, advice and support is invaluable and his knowledge, extensive. Paul is responsive and always keen to help you achieve your best in business. I highly recommend making him part of your team to help you achieve next-level success.
Leah Mether, CEO of Methmac Communications Pty Ltd
Paul is an inspirational and collaborative leader and coach. I value Paul’s input both personally and for my business. He always gives me honest feedback and looks for ways to add value to our business. One way Paul is different to other mentors is he quickly identifies where improvement is needed and is very specific about what needs to change on a micro-level, including tools, techniques and/or suppliers to help. Then he doesn’t let it go!
Andrew Hahn, Founder and CEO of Marair
Linh Podetti
Since working with Paul, I have seen tremendous growth in my number of leads from Linkedin. Paul’s program equips me with the right knowledge and skills about Linkedin marketing and I get to work with other amazing business owners in the program. Paul is a genuine and authentic entrepreneur. He cares about my happiness and success over profits. I highly recommend Paul as your business mentor if you are looking to grow leads for your business.
Linh Podetti, Founder of Outsourcing Angel
Paul Higgins is my go-to LinkedIn expert. I was lucky enough to spend 45 minutes discussing what works, what doesn’t, and where I need to optimize my profile and content.  I can hand-on-heart say that this is a masterclass you don’t want to miss.
Allan Dib, Managing Director of Successwise
Dr Grace Ng (née Lai)
Paul Higgins, particularly on the sales and marketing front, is in a league of his own. He’s an exceptionally clear thinker and communicator. He leverages his experience in both corporate and small business. Paul has an instinct of knowing exactly what you need as a business owner at that particular time. He has the ability to ask key incisive questions and quickly understand the business model. I’m really pleased to have Paul along on this journey.
Dr Grace Ng (née Lai), Managing Director of Periop Partners
Dan Schwartz
“Paul is a great guy who is super passionate about helping people running their own startup. He has helped me with my strategy, building my team and keeping me focused. The weekly calls are full of practical learnings which help me get the right stuff done. I highly recommend working with Paul – it has been a blast!
Dan Schwartz, CEO of InvestorFuse

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Listen to Paul interview industry experts and owners so you can learn new strategies on how to grow and scale a cloud consulting business.  Plus in Paul’s solo episodes, he goes through the exact steps he took to successfully scale and exit his cloud business.