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It’s a fact that the partner industry is changing and will consolidate in the next few years. The question here is, what are you doing to keep up to remain relevant? Doug Wendt is on the show to share his perspective on the evolving partnership ecosystems.

Doug is the Co-Founder, senior partner, and Chief Growth Officer at Wendt Partners, an Elite HubSpot Partner and comprehensive technological solutions firm. He shares his journey to becoming an Elite HubSpot Partner, how to win in the new partner industry and how to build a culture that fuels growth.





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Doug’s journey to becoming a HubSpot Elite Partner

It started with a very, very dark moment. Doug has run the business for 15 years, but he ran it for the first 10 years with his late wife. They were the senior partners and were consistently growing when she passed away of ovarian cancer five years ago. He hit rock bottom, but two weeks later, he happened to cross paths with a gentleman who became their channel account manager at HubSpot. 

His name’s Chris Moore, and what sets him apart is that he had run an agency or an independent firm before joining HubSpot. And he said to me: “You know what, Doug, I know you’re at rock bottom, but I can feel that you have great enthusiasm, potential and a vision for what you wanna do. I love what you’ve done up to this point, so if you wanna really focus on building this together, I’m all in.” And in the last five years, we went from Gold to Elite, from the entry to the top tier.


How do you refine your market focus?

Doug’s ideal client is a very complex B2B enterprise. Typically they are industrial or advanced technology companies, and that’s the world Doug knows. That’s the world his team knows, and that’s where they have both the technology and the strategic expertise to execute flawlessly and continuously.

But how did they get there? Making an early decision helps you attract people who are aligned with that decision. He had a background in the industrial sector because he used to be an ERP software in the manufacturing distribution space, and he worked with an industry vertical specific CRM many years ago. 

When they started, they served all, served any, but quickly recognized that they needed to focus on their methodology as well as their industry expertise. The technology environment accelerates, so you can’t possibly be good at every piece of technology, so they leaned into the decision to zero in on the market focus, and that has attracted colleagues and experts who started to recognize them, and now they want to partner with them, so, for him, it was a decision worth making.


How the partner industry will consolidate in the next three years

  1. In the HubSpot ecosystem, tier-one players are going to start entering the space. And when they do, they’re going to be taking a good portion of the cream with them.
  2. The amount of technology investment and expertise needed to support these platforms and these clients are growing exponentially.
  3. You need to have all the expertise to support that operation.


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The Rapid Fire Questions

What are some daily sales habits that help you accelerate your sales?

We have morning meetups every day. I don’t make everyone, but that’s a cornerstone of the company. Another is to get a sales operations manager, not a sales manager, which some people call the deal desk coordinator. And I say a third one is that even when you successfully worked yourself out of being the lead salesperson, always keep a toe in sales because you need to always know what people are saying in sales calls, as the visionary CEO. That’s your market temperature. That’s how to know what’s going on.


Where do you find out more information to update yourself and improve your sales and your community?

Well, obviously, the Accelerate Sales Podcast with Paul Higgins and along that line, there’s also Agency Unfiltered, a longstanding podcast published by HubSpot. So I listen, and I learn a lot there. I often share those recordings with others. I find that podcasts are a very invaluable resource for sales leaders because you get the discussion. You’re not just reading for the bullet points that make it into the blog article. You’re looking for the things that live between the official discussion points, little stories, experiences, or anecdotes that help make it real.


If I could grant you one wish for your business, what would that be?

Come join our sales organization, Paul. We could use you, you’d be another great addition to our enthusiastic team.


What have you learned in your business you wish you had known earlier?

Think bigger price higher. You can always discount if you need to. Don’t start there. Think bigger price higher.


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About Doug Wendt

Doug Wendt

Doug Wendt is the Co-Founder, senior partner, and Chief Growth Officer at Wendt Partners, an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner and comprehensive technological solutions firm. 

A Baltimore native now living and working out of Queens, NYC, Doug has almost three decades of experience leading groundbreaking sales, marketing, digital technology and communication projects all over the country. 

As these fields become exponentially more sophisticated, Doug continues to take on new challenges and to lead his global team with unparalleled intention, energy, and integrity.


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