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Paul has set me on a winning path on LinkedIn. Before, I was blundering around like a blinded hog in the bush earning scars but never arriving where I needed to be. Paul knows what’s working NOW, which is more useful than knowing what has worked in the past. Having his finger on the pulse of LinkedIn makes Paul the man to follow if you want to arrive in a position of authority on LinkedIn (and turn that position into sales, which is, let’s be honest, what it’s all about).
Steven Lewis, Taleist
2 new projects this week from new clients probably worth $60k +. Not directly through LinkedIn, leads through WoM but the awareness and profile on LI gave them confidence to give me the projects.

Thanks Paul Higgins and everyone on the group who’ve shared advice over the last 12 months.

Mike Harley, XPotential
Linh Podetti
It was so great to catch up with the members. 
We had a great laugh, shared stories about our wins from Linkedin and a chance to thank Paul Higgins for making a difference in our business.

If you’re serious about taking your Linkedin to another level, highly recommend chatting to Paul.

Linh Podetti, Outsourcing Angel
Working with Paul has taken a lot of the mystery out of LinkedIn. I received more engagement in a few weeks of following his approach than I have in several years of doing my own thing.
Brian Donovan, Donovan Leadership
In the last 6 weeks, we have won 3 and waiting for our 4th new client from implementing the Sales Machine system.
Rick Merten, Permission
Our hand-drawn invite to our Create, Connect + Convert Masterclass got us 4 signups within an hour of posting! 3 from LI “strangers”!
Nina Froriep, Clock Wise Productions, Inc.
I am now booked solid until August. My problem now is how to deal with demand. So that is cool isn’t it? Thanks Paul Higgins!
Kath Walters, Expert Book Coach
Booked for a paid speaking conference gig off the back of yesterday’s post from a contact I met once who has been following my content with interest. It’s always nice when they fall into your lap.
Samuel Eddy, Open Change
My post sharing an interview I did got 32k views, have had another 2 podcast requests as a result.
Natalie McCann, Seedling Health
Paul has helped me to be more consistent and successful with my LI posting and outreach. He’s generous with his time and knowledge and every time we talk I see improvements in my attitude, performance and results. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
Brad Farris, Anchor Advisors, Ltd.
Paul Higgins is my go-to LinkedIn expert. I was lucky enough to spend 45 minutes discussing what works, what doesn’t, and where I need to optimize my profile and content.
I can hand-on-heart say that this is a masterclass you don’t want to miss.
Allan Dib, Successwise

The work I did with Paul on my LinkedIn for Amazon Brand Management finally paid off. It worked out so well I actually had to stop lead generation while we focused on business process improvement.

Nick Shucet, Romans Tide


What time expectations are there of me?2022-03-23T11:34:08+11:00

We post as a group three times a week. Some members like to write their own content whilst others have their team do it for them.

It takes me 15 to 30 minutes to write a post.

Then you go and like and comment on members’ posts.

This takes between 15 to 30 minutes three times a week.

We do train your team to do this for you.

10 minutes to watch the weekly updates.

An hour to engage in the community a week.

We have designed the membership to maximize output for minimum effort.

How do I know what to post?2022-04-15T12:34:05+10:00

In the onboarding, your team will be trained on how to collect ideas and structure posts.

We have competent content writers we can refer you to if needed.

Who are the members?2022-03-23T11:35:07+11:00

We have members who are ex-corporate employees who have set up their own consulting businesses to help others and create more freedom in their lives.

They are values and authentic.

We have a no dick head policy ( pardon the French)

Members are predominantly in North America, South East Asia, and Asia Pacific.

How many followers do I need?2022-03-23T11:34:57+11:00

1K followers is a good base to launch from.

If you have less we can help you to get there.

Do I need sales navigator?2022-03-23T11:34:48+11:00

​Not at the start. As you ramp up outreach we recommend it.

What happens if this doesn’t work for me?2022-03-23T11:34:39+11:00

If you follow our program and my direction there is a high probability of success.

If you have to stop for personal circumstances outside of your control we can pause the membership for a maximum of 2 months.

If this is not viable, we will agree to a partial refund.

What if I haven’t been in a membership before?2022-03-23T11:34:32+11:00

​The membership is very welcoming and no prior experience is needed.

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?2022-04-15T12:35:05+10:00

You will get an immediate increase in post-engagement.

Your new profile will help with conversions.

Adding outreach, I’ll see you get consistent leads.

What software will I need and how much will that cost?2022-03-23T11:33:36+11:00

We run the community on slack. It is free.

We recommend other software tools which are either free or low-cost.

None of these are compulsory for your membership.

We highly recommend a sales CRM.

If you don’t have one it will cost anywhere between 49 to 69 USD per user per month.

I have access to affiliate deals where we can sharpen the pencil for you.

I’ve tried memberships before and got burned. How is this any different?2022-03-23T11:33:46+11:00

I can’t speak for past memberships, but typically there is a shared responsibility for a lack of results.

I would like to know what you think it was that was within your control and how we can change it this time around.

How accessible is Paul?2022-04-15T12:35:43+10:00

Paul is on slack daily and will reply to all direct messages.

Finally, is the Sales Machine for me?2022-03-23T11:33:15+11:00

This is the purpose of the call.

You will be asked the right questions to work out if I believe you can get the results you want.

Paul only works with people he knows he can help. So if he believes there is someone else who is a better match he will refer you to that person.




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