Upping your video game to winover more clients

Prior to Feb 2019, I avoided video like COVID as my kidney failure made me look yellow and drawn. 

I had lost 33 pounds (15 kgs) and wanted to hide. 

Post-transplant I gained all the weight back and looked human again. 

So time to sharpen up my video skills. 

Here is a list of gear I use and recommend. 


People will accept ok video quality, but the sound is non-negotiable. 


I use a RODE PodMic. 

I have also recently purchased a RODECaster Pro. In layman terms a DJ pad for videographers. 


Shure MV7 


  • Use a dynamic, not a condenser mic. Sound insulation can be as simple as towels on a clothes horse or bean bags. Avoid cheap options on eBay or Amazon.

  • Talk through the microphone and not into it. I have mine on the RHS of the desk pointing to the LHS. I talk past the mic directly to my computer screen.


I use a Canon EOS M50 Mark II

I wished I had purchased the EOS M100 instead. Reason: longer talk time. 

Others to consider are: 



  • Kimaru ACK-E6 DR-E6 DC Coupler LP-E6 LP-E6N Dummy Battery AC Power Adapter Kit. 
  • Elgato Camlink 4K card


  • The lens makes all the difference. If you like the blurred background look, then you need a high-quality lens. I use a Sigma f1.4 


I was shocked by the difference some inexpensive lights make. 

Key light. I have placed this on the left-hand side of my desk with natural light on the right. I use a Neewer 2 Packs Advanced 2.4G 660 LED Video Light. Also, have a softbox on it. 

Others I have heard of include Godox (SL-60 or ML60) and Aputure. A little too pro for me. 😉

I have strip lighting in the background – can change colours. 

I also use a standard lamp in the background. 


  • I use Meross smart wi-fi plugs to make it easy to turn the lights and camera on from my mobile phone. Saves time in getting up. Reduces the friction (excuses 😉)

    Here are some videos to help you set up your lighting: