“We’ve experienced a 30% gross profit growth during COVID because we have nailed channel partners.”
Scott Gellatly, CEO of itGenius
Matt Yahes
As a direct result from working with Paul inside his accelerate program…my business will be at $600K+ run-rate attributed to Paul’s sales system.
Matt Yahes, CEO of Extend Your Team
Simon Hutchings
By following Paul’s sales system I was able to generate a $500K deal.
Simon Hutchings, Founder of Hudl Analytics
Paul has helped me be more consistent and successful with my LI posting and outreach. He’s generous with his time and knowledge and every time we talk I see improvements in my attitude, performance and results. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
Brad Farris, Business growth consultant Anchor Advisors
Paul has set me on a winning path with LinkedIn. Before, I was blundering around like a blinded hog in the brush, earning scars but never arriving where I needed to be. Paul knows what’s working NOW, which is more useful than knowing what has worked in the past. Having his finger is on the pulse of LinkedIn makes Paul the man to follow if you want to arrive in a position of authority on LinkedIn. (And turn that position into sales, which is, let’s be honest, what it’s all about.)
Steven Lewis, Founder of Taleist
I connected with Paul while guesting on his podcast Build Give Live and was impressed in a number of different ways. Paul is knowledgeable about marketing – particularly when it comes to effectively leveraging LinkedIn – and eager to help out however he can. Paul has a warm, easygoing demeanor and a desire to share his own insights and the insights of his guests with the world – attributes I greatly respect and enjoy.
Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group