We are so excited to have you on the Accelerate Sales Podcast (formerly known as the Build Live Give Podcast). To help with your preparation, we have put together some standard questions that I typically ask guests on the podcast.

You will also spend time with me before you go live to help make you feel comfortable.

The format is conversational and we will skip questions if more interesting topics come up – as they often do!

I do the intro post the interview, once I have heard your full story.

If you have any further questions, please email Chi at [email protected]


Accelerate Section

  • What makes someone a perfect client for you?

  • What is the biggest problem you help them solve?

Sales Deep Dive

  • What daily sales habits accelerates your sales?

  • What tech is essential to accelerate sales?

  • What is your best source of leads for your business?

  • If we were going to take one action from this podcast that would 10x sales what would it be?