Are you tied down to a large corporation with aspirations to start your own business?

Are you looking to monetize a passion of yours?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, read on to find out how Valerie Khoo, the CEO of the Australian Writer’s Center, left her career to build a strong, powerful, and scalable business.

We’ll look at how she started her company as well as how you can scale in an area that you’re passionate about.

If you’re an aspiring business owner or entrepreneur, leaving your corporate job might seem a little simpler after hearing Valerie’s story.


Valerie Khoo: Who is She?

Valerie Khoo is the founder and CEO of the Australian Writer’s Center but also publishes books, magazines, other forms of writing, and art.

Check out her Instagram to view some of her amazing creations!

Her company, going eleven years strong, sells online courses and classroom courses related to writing.

You could be a retiree simply looking for some direction with pursuing a writing hobby.

Or, you could be an aspiring content writer striving to make a living in the freelance world.

Whatever your purpose may be, the Australian Writer’s Center has a class for you.

So, what led Valerie to start this kind of business of hers?

Valerie Khoo

Valerie’s Background

Valerie studied accounting in college, subsequently pursuing a career as an accountant.

While she wasn’t absolutely miserable with her job, she didn’t exactly view it as a fulfilling career.

Whilst she went to school for accounting, Valerie also had a passion for writing.

In fact, writing is something that Valerie had always wanted to do.

She was worried though that if she became a writer she wouldn’t make much money from the job.

After all, the stereotypical view of a “struggling” artist is quite a prevalent one.

She hadn’t realized, however, that writers in today’s digital age have the ability to make tons of money online.

Ditching her job as an accountant, Valerie moved to a public relations firm.

Shortly afterward, she went into writing.

The rest is history.

Valerie now shares with us the few things that she might have done differently when she founded the Australian Writer’s Center.


Dangers of Working Too Hard Without Mentors

Open office space

Valerie went where her heart could always be found: the world of creative writing.

Once she started her company, things took off.

What does she credit her success to?

The answer is simple: hard work.

Valerie worked really hard in the beginnings of her business.

She claims, however, that she worked too hard.

In her interview on Build Live Give’s website, Valerie admitted to sometimes putting in 20-hour workdays at the beginning.

While she credits her early success to this insane amount of hours, she also makes note of how such a lifestyle simply isn’t sustainable.

After all, how can you be organized and laser-focused if you’re lacking rest and mental clarity?

If she could start over, Valerie says that she would’ve worked less and taken advantage of professional groups and mentors, such as mastermind groups and business coaches.

Instead, she took it upon herself to do and learn everything on her own.

While she experienced eventual success, she certainly may have saved herself some time and quite a bit of stress if she had committed to having some kind of mentorship.


Let’s review Valerie’s journey so far:

  • Valerie left her accounting career to pursue writing.
  • Valerie worked extremely hard to start her own company.
  • If there was one thing she’d do differently when she’d first started her business, she’d have worked less and taken advantage of mentors like business coaches and mastermind groups.

Now, let’s look at how she scaled her business in the area she was passionate about!


Scaling In An Area That You Have a Passion For

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Valerie didn’t experience success overnight – she had to work hard for her achievements.

Here are some suggestions Valerie has for entrepreneurs who are looking to shift gears and set out seeking their passion. Leaving your corporate job doesn’t have to be so daunting!

  • Find Your Mentors Early On: As we alluded to earlier, it’s important to take advantage of mentors or like-minded individuals.

Working by yourself can be effective (as Valerie herself has proved) but you’re more likely to efficiently optimize your success with a coach helping you through the obstacles.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Rid Yourself of Relationships: Valerie makes the point that while a solid base of clients is an important factor for a successful startup, you have to have the boldness to get rid of clients that don’t benefit your company.

For example, if you market your products towards one niche then eventually find a niche that’s more profitable, it’s important to have the ability to break relationships with the customers of the previous niche while still maintaining your reputation and their respect.

  • Keeping Up With Technology: Technology is advancing practically every day.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know what new technology is advantageous to your brand and business.

As Valerie points out, it’s also important to know what technology you DON’T need for your company.

New programs may be flashy, but how effective and profitable would the investment be if the program is only a shade better than the one you’re currently using?

  • Pay Attention to The Tendencies of Your Audience(s): Scaling your company requires a constantly changing game plan – be prepared to revisit the drawing board again and again!

What appealed to your customers once may not continually appeal to them.

Take note of your audience’s trends, desires, and buying patterns to successfully monitor and optimize your business’s growth.


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Various Entrepreneurial Tips From Valerie

Valerie gives a treasure trove of advice for aspiring small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here are a few more things that might benefit you:

  • Develop habits and routines: Consistency is everything in business particularly at the beginning when you’re just getting your momentum going. Having the right habits by developing routines for yourself will ensure your likelihood to stay consistent (even when things don’t seem to be looking up).
  • Learn everything you need to learn to successfully run your business: You won’t have an IT department, a human resource team, or an accountant in the beginning stages of your business. It’s important to be able to effectively handle everything until you’re ready to scale properly.
  • Use techniques to increase your productivity: Being effective and efficient in your operations is not only good business sense but goes a long way toward developing a healthy profit margin. If you can increase your productivity without straining your expenditures or resources, you’ll be building a very attractive and profitable business.
  • Never stop learning: Your business will grow in direct proportion to your own personal growth! You’re leading the charge here, so your own self-development is important to creating a positive and attractive environment as well as to setting the tone in which your business will successfully run with or without you.


Valerie Khoo, the CEO of the Australian Writer’s Center, took a step away from her career and started a business using something she’s always been passionate about.

This passion helped her experience tremendous success.

Valerie’s story gives aspiring entrepreneurs plenty of pointers regarding successful business strategies for their own business hopes no matter the industry.

If you implement her strategies into your game plan, you might not experience the same setbacks as she when leaving your corporate job. Your success may be that much closer because of it.