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Shooting for small business success is never easy. For many, last year was rough.


But, the holidays were AMAZING!

You managed to catch some sun, you definitely had some chill time, and you made sure to kick back a few stubbies with friends you haven’t seen in ages. But that’s not all.

The fresh perspective from the holiday downtime also brought you a few great ideas for growing and improving your business in the New Year. You leapt into 2017 feeling refreshed, feeling strong, and feeling confident about seeing all your great ideas turn into action.

From building your customer base to increased exposure and a professional rebranding, the “Year 2017” had your name on it. Had?

Well, things change, don’t they? The first month of the year is well over, and you haven’t hit one of your targets yet. Now you’re wondering whether they were ever realistic, to begin with.

You feel yourself losing confidence, and as panic and self-doubt start to set in, you picture a repeat of last year’s poor performance – too much stress, and too little money. Hopes and dreams of a winning year ahead start to fade like water on hot sand.

Okay, stop. Pull yourself together mate. The year’s not over yet. There is still plenty of time to become the kind of small business owner you’ve always planned to be.

Asking yourself, how?

Why, that is exactly what we’re here for. So keep your eyes glued as we walk you through three easy actions to get your year back on the track toward small business success.

Action #1 Stop The Noise

Few, if any, successful business owners will encourage extreme multi-tasking. Because the thing is, nobody ever became famous for doing a lot of things averagely. Fame comes from doing a few things outstandingly.

And sure, you’ve probably got about a thousand things going on right now. And maybe it doesn’t always feel like you have a choice in the matter.

But you do.

Because balancing health, family, social life and work is difficult enough for the corporate player. But when you’re running your own gig and battling for that small business success… well, it’s that much more of a challenge.

What you need to do is to clear away the noise. And by this, we mean focus and prioritise.

Decide on a few key criteria, like budget, time constraints, or business impact, to prioritise your current list of projects. Then, starting at the top and counting down to third place, identify the three most important projects that you will prioritise for the year.

Let go of all the rest (we know it’s hard), until you are satisfied that you’ve achieved your targets on the top three projects.


Action #2 Build Your Team

Next, you’re going to want to start building a small, productive and professional team – one of the secrets to small business success.

Yes, it’s always tempting to do everything yourself. Because who do you trust more than the bloke (or Sheila) in the mirror, right?

Sure, we get it. But there’s just one problem with that. You are one person. One, person. And as much as you’d love to shake the planet and add 10 more hours to every day… it’s just not going to happen.

And you shouldn’t feel bad about it, either. Steve Jobs didn’t build a business empire on his own. He had help. Lots of help.

In the man’s very own words, “Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people”. So, you have got to learn to delegate.

A reliable Virtual Assistant (VA) is the often the first necessary addition to your team. They’ll be the Robin to your Batman, the salt to your pepper, the fillet to your Barbie (alright, stopping with the silly metaphors now). We found our amazing VA through The Virtual Hub so recommend them as a good place to start.

Start tracking all of your tasks for at least a week, classify them into either eliminate, delegate, automate, or do. All those tasks classified as ‘delegate’ get reassigned to your VA, or another relevant team member.

Steve Jobs didn’t build a business empire on his own. He had help. Lots of help. Click To Tweet

Action #3 Double Down

As the simple saying goes, success breeds success.

When talking about small business success, this means identifying your best conversion move (i.e. what gets you the most paying customers) and doubling down on that. Whether it’s email marketing, or a free product or subscription, find the best return on investment… and direct more time, energy, and money into that sales funnel.

New ideas for attracting customers will naturally flow to your entrepreneurial mind, and it’s exactly that kind of creative spirit that’s gotten you here in the first place. But sometimes the answer is already in plain sight. You just need to be open to seeing it.

Safety in Numbers

Nobody knows better than we do – staying motivated is difficult when you’re alone. And working toward small business success is often a lonely journey.

So if you’d like to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, supporting each other in actioning #1 to #3 above, then look no further.

Join our Facebook community, Build Live Give, to get you back on track to a successful 2017.