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I spent 18 years climbing the corporate ladder.

Then I quit.

I wanted to build something based off of values that were important to me.

You can’t always do that between the politics and policies of a corporation.

Over the next few years, through sometimes painful trial and error, I learnt something extremely valuable:


Building a successful startup comes from committing to and adopting the practices of a winner:

1. Clearly define your goals and expectations with your significant other.

2. Devoting your time to your strengths and outsourcing your weaknesses.

3. Getting a mentor (probably the best investment I’ve ever made).

4. Staying resilient and tenacious.

5. Staying focused on progression, not on perfection.

Problems don’t just disappear when you become successful either.

You simply become strong enough to deal with them.

Not only do I now have skills and experience, but it’s my mission to help other ex-corporate change to career startups to get off the ground.

Just get started. There’s no waiting for the perfect time.

So if you’re wondering if you’re on the right track to creating the life and business that you want, ask yourself:

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