So you’ve quit your day job and started your own business, but still, need some help to make it a success? Meet Gavin Sequeira.

Gavin Sequeira

Gavin Sequeira, author of Break Free from Corporate, did everything “by the book”, from graduating university to getting a cozy corporate job. Two jobs, actually, at gigantic IT companies IBM and Oracle.

Then he thought that there must be more to life, and broke free from corporate himself.

Today, Gavin helps others do the same thing.

Gavin went to school to chase good grades, then to university where he studied engineering, followed by a bit of commerce. On graduation, he went straight into corporate.

Of course, landing that corporate gig was exciting at first.

Gavin started off with IBM and stayed there for nine years. He did exciting work and travelled around the world.

Afterward, he was headhunted by IBM’s competitor Oracle. There, he led a big team.

About 11 years into his corporate life, Gavin walked into the office one day and felt that something wasn’t right

He felt like he no longer fit into that world… that he could do much bigger, and much more meaningful work.

Sound familiar?

This is a familiar feeling for many of us in the Build Live Give community.


Breaking free from corporate begins with asking yourself powerful questions (and answering honestly)

For Gavin, the shift from employee to entrepreneur started when he got interested in personal development.

When you first enter corporate, it’s all about learning the ropes and trying to get better at the tasks at hand – which consumes all your time.

Once he got past that phase and got some of the stuff on auto-pilot, he used his spare time to read and attend seminars.

The more he kept finding out, the more he questioned why was he stuck in the position he didn’t truly like.

Was he going the right way? Was he happy? Was this all he wanted to do in life?

As the negative answers piled up, he gradually started to prepare for breaking free from his corporate career.

While still at his corporate job, Gavin started building the foundation needed to one day earn his one-way ticket out.

During that time there was one huge mental challenge he needed to work through. If you’re reading this, chances are you can relate to it.


Overcoming the fear of the unknown (and not having a regular monthly paycheque)

Gavin, like the rest of us, found himself afraid of the unknown.

At corporate, you do what you’re told and get your cheque at the end of the month.

We get comfortable in our corporate ways. We feel safe and careless., Gavin says.

Then the global financial crisis happened and the big companies he worked in started restructuring.

It was a big shock to the system, but he needed it to see that he was not at all cemented into a corporate role. The experience gave Gavin his first experience of not having total control of his life.

This ignited Gavin’s efforts to escape the corporate grind.

At the time, people thought his move was too risky.

Fast forward a couple of years and those very same people lost their jobs or were moved to a much less desirable place. Gavin, on the other hand, had his business and his life was in his own hands.

Transitioning from corporate to startup – how and when to quit your day job


1. Grow your network. Connect with like-minded people and mentors

Whilst still at corporate, Gavin met with like-minded people and folks who had achieved certain things in their lives that he too wanted to achieve. It was also important for him to meet and connect with entrepreneurs outside of work.

By spending more time with those who were free from corporate, Gavin’s life priorities also shifted. He now wanted happiness, security, and personal development more than money.

Take action: Start building and growing your network today.

With tools like Linkedin, online support communities (like BLG Boost), local meetup groups, coworking spaces, and business networking events in your local area – there’s simply no excuse for not being able to find and connect with like-minded people who can help your business grow.


2. Have a financial safety net

When I asked him whether it’s better to instantly cut the ties with corporate or start leaving gradually, Gavin voted for the latter option.

Yes you can manage by jumping head-straight out of corporate, and many have done it and survived, but it’s much riskier if you have no financial safety net.

Gavin advises his clients to start preparing while still at corporate in order to minimize the risks of making a fatal mistake.

Explore the terrain while you still haven’t made an irrevocable decision – else you may find yourself out of corporate, but with nothing to sustain you in the future.

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3. Get clear on what you’re passionate about

“Out of all the things that you do, which is the one thing that you could do 30 years from now, the same thing, with joy and satisfaction? Find out what makes you tick, what makes you get up in the morning, and what excites you into life.”


4. Think about your legacy and your dreams

What dreams do you want to achieve?

Find out what you want to achieve with this passion that you’ve decided on.

What’s the legacy that you want to leave behind after you’re done?

Take action: Watch this video and answer the 3 questions


5. Design a way to make your dream profitable and sustainable

Gavin suggests that once you’ve worked out what you want to create, and the lifestyle that you want to live – you’ll need to design a way to make that dream profitable enough to give you sustenance and to make it viable.

This is usually where Gavin steps in and advises his clients.

People generally don’t think about this at all, or if they do, they start thinking too late.

Chasing your dreams without a plan is like setting sails without a rudder – you will run out of supplies in the middle of a vast ocean.

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Gavin’s recommended resources for breaking free from corporate

Gavin advises continual personal development as a key factor to success. He recommends the following:

  • Read books –  Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill are some of his favourites.
  • Listen to podcasts – Apart from Corporate Escapees and his own Break Free From Corporate podcast, Gavin recommends Tony Robbins’ podcast as well.
  • Attend lectures and seminars
  • Continually working on yourself to grow mentally and professionally
  • Keep your mind sharp and developed, and
  • Stick with open-minded people from whom you can learn.

We completely agree with Gavin!


Choose your path

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