Are you tired of gigantic stacks of paper always adorning your desk? Is it getting hard to find the right documents when you need them? A paperless office might be the way to go!


Here are some key reasons to go paperless


  1. Save the trees: paper comes from cutting down trees: a paperless office means you aren’t contributing to global deforestation. You won’t be the only one to appreciate such an ethical approach — your customers will be pleased as well.
  2. Maximise space efficiency: bulk of paper mean you just don’t have the mobility you could have otherwise. A smaller office for the same efficiency!
  3. Find your stuff: losing crucial pieces of paper is a nightmare- digital document storage is much easier to check through and to organise.
  4. Remote handling: just because you aren’t in the office, or you don’t have your papers on you, doesn’t mean you can’t respond to that very important email with all the information you need.

Of course, it’s not as easy as that. Most of us still use paper- it’s an irreplaceable part of our businesses and lives!

When I listen to people talk I compulsively take notes, as it helps me process the info.

I tried typing, but it was unnatural, noisy, and drastically reduced eye contact, all of which hurt my video conference performance and contribution.

Then I went back to taking notes by hand, which turned my desk into an abominable mess of papers that I couldn’t manage properly.

Ultimately, I came up with 3 secrets which together solve the paper problem!

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Secret 1: A Proper Device  

This might sound obvious, but getting a tablet for typing is the first major step to making paper obsolete.

Depending on your budget, you should take care of two of the most important factors when it comes to picking the best variant.

Storage: This is reasonably important, but offset by the availability of cloud services to take keep actual data stored on your device minimal. Still, at least 50GB is desirable.

Screen size: With screen size, you basically have to decide whether you need portability (7-8 inch, 17-20cm) or a big screen(10-12 inch, 25-30cm). Of course, there are crossover options that cut on both to deliver a proper combination. Your call.

Fun fact: In the beginning, I just borrowed my wife’s iPad 2. Anything can really do the trick to begin with!


Secret 2: Operating System

Although I’m an Apple person, the choice of operating system boils down to personal preference.

From the point of timeline and history, Apple’s iOS comes packed with more apps optimized for tablet outline and format.

Some find Android lacking in this area, however, Android devices come with additional options and customization capabilities.

Windows come with apps that are optimized for all its devices, which is perfect for systems divided across offices and platforms.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg: definitely try a few options before making your final choice.


Secret 3: Pen

While using the iPad 2, it felt only natural to get the Apple Pencil. However, as I discovered, that was beyond my budget.

A bit of looking turned a few other choices which still work fine- like the Adonit Pixel Stylus, which was perfectly compatible with my device.

100% Paperless and I Haven’t Looked Back

I can now proudly say that I’ve achieved the state of 100% paperless-ness, and I feel so much more effective than before.

My digital folders are infinitely more manageable than the chaotic mess that used to reside on my table.

There’s a bonus — I can draw sketches and drafts of my plans, and instantly share them with my associates via my video conference platform, Zoom.


And now, it’s your turn.

There’s no real benefit to sticking to paper- and plenty of reasons to go paperless.

It won’t cost you anything more than a tablet and a large bin for all that paper you won’t need ever again!

Make the world healthy, make your desk healthy, make your office healthy.

Go paperless, now!

If you would like to find out more tips on how I went paperless, book a quick call here.