Out of nowhere, I had to quit my $200k dream job.

I started my career with Coca-Cola Australia.

I was assigned to lead huge projects by the company, such as running major mergers, acquisitions, and million-dollar deals.

But, as much as I loved it, I had to let go.

I’d been blissfully ignorant of one fact: I was a ticking bomb.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney disease.

My business empire crumbled before my eyes as the treatment took more and more of my time.

I left the company.

At that point, I knew I had to start my own path.

Hell and high water came.

I’d tried everything.

I was lonely, I had zero cash, and I was overworking myself.

In a cry for help, I turned to others.

I heard about a gathering of like-minded business owners called a Mastermind.

I connected and shared my troubles and ideas. I was welcomed, accepted, and I was given solid advice.

Today, as the owner of Build Live Give Club, I help founders successfully transition from corporate to startup and scale their businesses globally.



We make this happen by teaching founders how to use the right platforms for scaling and connect them to the right people in order for their business to grow.

By implementing only 3 of the 5 profit drivers that I teach – personal productivity, ideal client, business model, sales, and high-performing team – one of our BLG’rs recently quit his day job to live his dream of working and traveling around the world with his wonderful wife.

So if you’re struggling to unlock profit and time freedom in your business, ask yourself:

Are you surrounding yourself with the right people to help you create the life and dream business that you want?