How to gain full control and take destiny in your own hands

James Schramko is the founder of SuperFastBusiness, a business resource designed to help online business owners make more while working less. He started online while working as a General Manager with Mercedes-Benz by day and an Online marketer by night. Once he discovered what really worked, he was able to succeed rapidly and now leads a highly resource rich community where he shares his business insights and expertise.


Owning Your Outcomes

Experiencing the trauma of his father’s redundancy as a child made a huge impact on James. Their family went from a life of comfort to just getting by. Although he was one of the highest paid executives in his industry, this experience gave him the crippling fear of also losing his job and having his four kids experience the same thing.

But James decided to be responsible for himself and not depend on a job to provide for him and his family.  After two and a half years of running his business from the side, he left his high paying job and went ahead to work on his business full time without a map or a mentor to guide him.

James went into business because it is:

  • Less risky than a job because your pay comes from different people
  • You get paid first and then pay tax, not get paid after the tax is taken out
  • No ceiling on income
  • You can live life on your own terms

In business, things always come and go. So, it is imperative to evolve with the times and continually learn. To stay on top, James carves out time to think, learn from anybody, anywhere, anytime. He also draws inspiration from reading and engaging with people.

Creating a business means taking full responsibility of all your outcomes, taking things into his your hands, and letting go of the feeling that someone else is responsible for you.

If you are looking to escape corporate and create a business, James has written a book so you do not have to go through what he did. This is a book that he created for himself at the time when he needed it.

He works with people and gives them personal customization on their current situations, helping them do less things, and to do the right things. James years of experience in the coaching industry gives him the eye for what people may be missing or lack knowledge of.


Business Models that are not Going Away

  • Service Industry
  • Information Products
  • Publishing
  • Coaching


Your New Identity as a Business Owner

For many of us, we hinge our identities with our careers. Transitioning from a corporate career to entrepreneurship can somewhat be a daunting task.

But you have to remember, you only need to please yourself. What is important is that you feel good about the work you are doing and you feel pride in it. It does not matter what kind of work you are doing, you just have to be the best you can be at any role you have.


Key Traits of a Successful Business Owner

James has mentored countless business owners, and here is how one looks like. A successful business owner is extremely focused, unbelievably driven, and committed. They are creative, strategic, prioritizes rest, and are hungry for success.

A successful business owner recognizes when it’s time to plant seeds, and when it’s time to harvest.

They are not penny-pinching, not focused on how much they can save, on being tight with their wallet. They are focused on their success and will invest resources to get it.


How to Succeed in Business

James shares ten tips on how he succeeded in business and how you can too.

  1. Switch to recurring income products
  2. Customer filtering
  3. Don’t be the big fish in a small pond. Be a small fish in a big pond, and maybe you’ll grow a bit bigger.
  4. Exchange peer groups and upgrade peers
  5. Banking and recognizing wins to be more confident, and to back that up with higher prices
  6. Offer people more value
  7. Take absolute responsibility for moving the needle
  8. Believe that you could do this
  9. Cast off the $10,000 a month mindset, and inherit a $100,000 a month mindset
  10. Money magnifies your personality – to be a high-income earner, you have to spend more


Three Killer Tips for Teams

  1. Hire people who are not super skilled at the things you need done, and train them yourself. They will be loyal, understand how you think, and can act like the brain for your business over time.
  2. Learn the culture of your team, understand them as a person, put yourself in their shoes. Humans are complex beings. We can’t just template them. Recognize you’re dealing with people and customize for each person.
  3. Spend a lot of time rewarding the behaviours that you want. Let them know what good looks like. Let them know when they’ve done well. Encourage support, uplift, help them. Remove the demotivators that seem to be present.

James is working hard to create an environment for his team where they like working in his business so much that they never want to leave. A place where that they feel safe, encouraged, and growing. He wants his team to have a good life, like he has.


Top Three Productivity Tips

  1. Set a stop time when you will put down your tools at the end of the day. When the alarm goes off, stop. For James, he is not allowed on the computer after 10:00.
  2. Get out of your inbox. There should only be absolutely critical things coming to your inbox.  
  3. Get off Facebook. Half an hour a day should be the limit.


James has shared valuable insight on taking full responsibility of your outcomes. In order to translate this information to action, we urge you to pick something mentioned that resonates or that you feel resistance for. Circle it, and act on that.

If you just pick one thing from this post and implement it, it would make a significant impact on your life.