Unleash your inner salesperson with these mindset hacks

You’ve got to sell to be successful, right? I mean, whatever your product or service, unless you can sell it, then success will elude you. But selling scares the hell out of you. You aren’t trained in sales, and you have no experience of selling.

Well, let me tell you – you can sell. And you have way more sales experience than you think.

To unlock your experience in selling, you need to tap into a few mindset hacks. You’ll be surprised how doing so will help you discover what you do know about selling, and what sales training will really benefit you.

How do you know you’re being too hard on yourself?

First, let’s consider if you are being too hard on yourself. There are many signs you are, but these four are among the most common:

  1. If you beat yourself up over not making a sale, it’s not going to help you on your next call or in your next meeting. Instead of learning the lesson and adjusting, you replay in your head a mistake you made over and over. It eats away at your confidence.
  2. Another sign that you’re too hard on yourself is that you twist things around to be your fault. Someone treats you poorly, and you search for reasons for what you did wrong to cause their behavior toward you.
  3. Do you feel exhausted because you are continually jumping through hoops to please clients? Dedication to your clients’ needs is admirable, but it can also be tiring, mentally and physically.
  4. Perhaps you forgive the mistakes of others, but not your own. Consequently, the result of your mistake snowballs and stops you from moving forward, while others seem to forge ahead regardless.

If you’re too tough on yourself, there’s one thing that is certain. Your progress will be hampered. You’ll be increasingly nervous of screwing up. And that’s going to hurt you when you’re selling.

“I’m not a salesperson! I need sales training!”

So, we’re back to the argument that you don’t do sales. Maybe you haven’t – at least not formally. Certainly, then, you need some sales training – after all, training will give you the confidence that all salespeople need to sell effectively.

Before you rush to buy a library of books on every sales technique under the sun and book yourself on a bunch of complementary sales training course, let’s look at what sales really is.

Sure, selling is exchanging a good or service for money or some other asset of value. But the art of selling is much more.

When you sell, you persuade. You influence. You convince. How do you do this? By connecting with your buyer. And you’ve been doing this all your life. Don’t believe me? Let’s examine a few examples from your history. (Yes, your history.)

Humans are natural salespeople

Remember being a teenager, and going to those all night parties that your parents banned you from? You sold the story that you were staying at a friend’s house, doing your homework, and then having a sleepover.

What about the time you plucked up the courage to ask your someone for a first date? Or every job interview you’ve had.

And that time you managed to talk yourself out of a driving offence penalty. And the time you managed to talk yourself into a crowded restaurant. Maybe you’ve sweettalked yourself into an upgraded seat on a flight or bigger suite in a hotel.

All the above are examples of your ability to persuade, convince, and influence. You’re better at sales than you think.

Unleash your inner salesperson with these mindset hacks

With a positive mindset, everything is possible. Even selling. You know that your product or service will help your prospect. Your job is to ensure they see what you do. To influence others, self-confidence is key. These mindset hacks will help your confidence when you next go into a meeting where you want to sell.

1.     Practice self-belief

Your emotions direct your actions. If you feel negative, you will be nervous. Subconsciously you may give up before you begin. Remember that you can be persuasive. If you know your stuff, which you do, then a positive attitude will yield positive results.

2.     Get out of your comfort zone

Without moving out of your comfort zone now and again, it will be impossible to progress. Every advance you ever made has included an element of risk. Every successful entrepreneur has been willing to take a risk during their journey in business.

3.     Set your sales goals

Each sale you make starts with a prospect. You progress that prospect by reaching out and connecting. Set yourself a daily goal for reaching out and monitor your results. Take note of what you did and what actions yield the best results. Build these into your best practices.

4.     You’ll trip up now and again – be prepared to bounce

There will be obstacles in your way. Things that are beyond your control will happen and hamper you. Be prepared for bumps in the road, and you won’t lose control. You’ll be able to evolve your solution, bounce back, and learn from the experience.

5.     Influence, don’t force

Guide your prospect. Don’t sell to them. That’s right:  don’t sell. Instead, listen to their problem. Build a rapport. Focus on their needs and speak in layman’s term. Stay in control by influencing their decision-making.

Do you need sales training?

The world of sales is in constant flux. New methods are coming online constantly. Sales strategies evolve. But one thing has remained constant since the first sale was made – sales is a people skill. And you have that skill. People buy from people. You can be the person that your prospects buy from.

To better understand your sales skills and how targeted sales training can help to build your confidence and your revenues – the kind of revenues that will boost your ability to live the life you desire – contact me today.

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