How I adapted my corporate sales training to improve conversions.

I always thought I was good at sales but I was failing big time and didn’t know what to do.

I keep looking at my monthly sales results vs target and you could drive a truck through them .

I realised that complex corporate sales is very different to selling to small business owners.

I was over complicating the process and missing to try emotional drivers as to why corporate escapees are in business for themselves.

I had to change my approach and throw out some of my 18 years of corporate sales training learnt at one of the best sales companies on the plant – Coca-Cola.

The first step I took was changing the questions I asked from all about the financials to be more about their why. What was their motivation for taking the path of an entrepreneur – something which in many cases is not logical.

I then went and learnt from an industry expert who has made the transition from corporate to small business selling.

I learnt new skills and eat humble pie. I realised that over confidence can blind you to the obvious. I was not converting sales and the last person I critically assessed was myself.

I began to have meaningful conversations and dig into the true reason someone was looking to create a legacy. I used the 5 why framework and got to the bottom of the iceberg, deeper than I had done before.

My conversion rate went for 10% to 60% and most importantly, clients were seeing a significant and sustainable change in what they do.

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I started to teach other people on a similar path to me the subtle impact of changing their perspective on sales and they began to see improved results as well.

I know it seems harsh to look at the scoreboard and ask yourself the tough questions. But if your sales are not where they should be it is most likely a function of how you sell.

Being honest with yourself and getting help to learn from others is critical in your journey of moving from a career to your dream business.