Today’s topic is:

Why people are not buying from you

You will learn:

  • Why people were not buying from me 
  • What I did to change it 
  • How you can start today 



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Today’s topic is: 
Why people are not buying from you
You will learn: 

  1. Why people were not buying from me 
  2. What I did to change it 
  3. How you can start today 

From May 2019 to March 2020 I had a golden patch in gaining new clients in my business. 
I was back to full health and was doubling down on Linkedin. The more useful content I created the more people wanted to know what I was doing and I gained over 120 new clients.
Results are great and the community is still strong during COVID19. 
This success hides the underlying reason why people weren’t buying my high ticket item – my mentoring. 
It took Mary Henderson from Mary Henderson’s coaching to help me fix my leaking tap.
I did not have a clear methodology and an end to end system. I focused on why I was helping people and the process of doing it. I was missing the most important part – an end to end framework with clear tangible assets my clients would have at the end of the engagement. 
Before we go into what I changed 
I would like to talk to you about Dubb – D U B B. It is an All-in-one sales & marketing video platform that helps to attract, convert, and retain more happy clients.
Stand out in someone’s inbox – be it email, slack or social media – by sending them videos
I used it this week to followup on an outstanding sales proposal. 
I can track all the analytics so I know when best to circle back. 
Why not check it out for yourself. 
Go to 
I worked with Mary to create my methodology on a page.
It has four sections

  • Unpack the foundations 
  • Business model
  • Sales focus 
  • High performing team 

These are covered in my book called Build Live Give. 
There are 27 modules under the four sections. 
eg: module 12 is New Client prospecting 
All the IP was there, but it was not framed in a way that made it easy to sell.
So now when I have a sales call, I ask prospective clients to answer yes or no against each step. This gives them a score of out 27. 
They then have the choice to close the gaps themselves or get someone like me to help do this with (group) or for (individual) for them. 
It is much easier for the prospective client and myself. 
I will be turning the gap analysis into a quiz to qualify people better to save time for all. 
So how can you start today?
I suggest you get a google sheet and map out your sections and modules today. 
You have all the IP there, you need to organize it in the right way. 
This will get people to buy from you.
If you would like to see my version, please email me at [email protected] 

Three key actions from today: 

  1. Get someone to assess your selling approach
  2. Create your methodology 
  3. Email me if you would like me to share mine and review yours

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