What Is Your End In Mind?

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If you are interested in defining your end in mind, you need to listen to this episode. Paul starts by telling what he started with and how he got where he is in his journey. But he also shares some ideas so you can figure out your own end in mind and explains what is important to find.



01:12 – What I started with. I left corporate in 2011 to be an executive coach.

03:09 – Where I am now. I mentor tech consultants and cloud businesses.

04:47 – How to figure it out. Define life goals, rate them and prioritize.

07:37 – Why is it important? If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.

08:50 – Three key actions from today



This is where I started.

I left Coca Cola in 2011 to be an executive coach. I did all my formal qualifications and was working with blue-chip brands and some amazing people. But I realised that it wasn’t me. I was a much better mentor than I was a coach. And the way that I defined it was, a coach believes that the answers lie within the coachee and, therefore, your job is to draw them out. But I was too impatient and had so much experience from Coca Cola and my own personal development that I just wanted to give the answers. 

So I went and started an outsourcing business, and then I found a platform to run it. And I fell in love with the platform, which led me to a partnership with Scott Gellatly. I hired a mentor. He was famous for setting up Silicon Valley type of business models around the world. He was a very intelligent guy, but he said that my aspirations did not align with my capabilities. I took it as an insult that I wasn’t smart enough. And to be honest, I probably wasn’t to build a hundred or a billion-dollar business. But from his experience in Silicon Valley and a successful exit, there’s a lot that comes with it. He knew I was a family guy, and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice what it takes to get to that level. 

So after speaking to my wife and other people about it, I moved the goal post. We decided to double down on scaling our technology business instead, and it was fantastic. We had a very successful exit in 2019 to a Google partner.


Where I am now

I mentor tech consultants and also cloud businesses to live a life with no limits. My number one goal is to protect my family and my health. That’s what’s most important to me rather than building the next SaaS platform that’s going to be a billion-dollar business. I’m willing to work enough hours to pull cash out of the business and put into some smart investments. So if anything should happen with my transplant or my health, I’m protecting my family. And will I grow and sell another business? Probably not, but I’m comfortable with that because I know the end in mind has changed quite a bit since I left corporate in 2011, but I’m really happy with it.


How to figure it out

  • Define five to seven key goals in your life, and then set goals upon each of them.
  • Rate them from 1 to 10 and prioritise them because you can’t do them all at once.
  • Project yourself. Pick a magazine you think you should feature in, something specific to your industry, and think what you want the cover to say about you?
  • Daily reflection with purpose in life, mission statement, values, bucket list, business vision and life’s learnings.


Why is it important?

  • “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”: The Wizard of Oz
  • Building a business to sell or exit is very different to one that you’re going to run yourself. So you’re going to make different decisions.
  • If you are going to get someone in to run the business for you, you’ll need a succession plan.
  • Level of debt and personal savings you put in
  • It’s really important to align your intentions with your actions.


Three key actions from today

  1. Take some time to determine your end in mind 
  2. Align with the people who are important to you 
  3. Seek help in achieving your end goal 



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