Hello to the Build Live, Give solo podcast episode number 280, if it’s your first time. Welcome. And if you love what you hear, please subscribe. You can go to blgpodcast.com to do that quickly. I recommend listening to episode 0.5 when you first come on. If you’re a regular, thanks for your support. I love listening to podcasts and always have follow up questions. If you’re the same, go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/questions and lodge yours. And I promise to answer it just like Kylie’s. So a big shout out to Kylie who asked me, what can a VA do for me? I get many people asking me this all the time. So I want to cover it today in today’s podcast. Why don’t you check out past shows on your favorite platform? Just search Build Live, Give.


Today’s topic is What Can a Sales Virtual Assistant Do?

So, I’ll cover nine key areas that they can help with, and also where you can start to go and find your own person. So for regulars, you probably know this. I spent 18 years in sales at Coca Cola. We had amazing systems, but we also had admin support. All the analysis we did was around 50% of sales was admin. So we had that actually, as I got more senior in the business, always had an executive assistant and it just completely made my life enjoyable. So I left and started my business in 2011 and I hired a VA. They were local in Australia, and then I ended up going to the Philippines and not to bore you, but I ended up growing a substantial VA business, and now I still use sales VA. So, I think I’ve got some really good experience to share with you on this podcast.

We’re going to cover the nine key areas. Just the first thing I want to say before we carry on is you need to ensure your security is protected, right? Because there are certain things that your VA may be doing in your accounts, like LinkedIn. So you may want to make sure that you’ve got the right security in place. So if you’ve got any questions about that, cause they’re probably specific, just go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/questions. Leave me a question and I’ll definitely get back to you with my answer. I should also say too that it’s a personal choice, right? I get my VA to send as me on LinkedIn, but they only use my words. So they’re my words. They just send it on my behalf. So if you think about it, it’s my words, not my time.

So you may not be okay with that if that’s the case, that’s cool. But if you are and you want to learn how you can use a VA more to help you with sales, please continue.


1. Is posting

So when people like and comment on my posts, I get the VA to go and thank them. And then also send a connection request if they are my ideal client and you know, some of my posts, I get 50,000 views, I get hundreds of likes and comments and that keeps them very busy.

So that’s number one, posting.


2. Profile views

So I’ve got a premium account. I think it’s, I can’t remember now, but I think it’s about 29 USD a month. And that gives me access to the people that have viewed my profile in the last 90 days.

And what my VA does is go in once again, has a look at those thanks them and sends a connection request for those that they think are an ideal client. So posting profiles.


3. Birthday messages

So I’ve just got a video that I sent. I want to get my VA to send it for me, but it’s me in the video. It’s not a custom video. It’s just saying happy birthday to all of my first connections.
And what I believe, I don’t know that exact fact, but apparently, LinkedIn likes when you’re active outside of just sending connection requests. So it’s got something to do with their algorithms. So if you’re not sending a birthday message, it doesn’t have to be a video,but they can send them on your behalf. A video just makes it easy because the VA can just pop that straight in.


4. LinkedIn stories

So not everyone’s got access to stories, I have them here in Australia, so I post a story every day. It takes me one or two minutes that I might get anywhere between 30 and 80 views. Sometimes ask a question. If they’re answering a question on my behalf, they will follow up with that person.


5. First connections to list

I think this is a massive opportunity. I’ve got 1600 first connections on LinkedIn, but there’s nowhere near enough of those on my list. So I get my VA to send once again, a message that I would send myself, but they’re just doing their heavy lifting. And we also use some automation there. So once again, if you want to find out what that is in more detail, just get in contact with me.

So before we go into 6-9. I’d like to talk about DUBB. It’s an all in one sales and marketing video platform that helps you to attract, convert and retain more happy clients. I used it this week to record how to videos for my VA, with some of the changes that I’ve made to my sales CRM. Why not check out yourself, just go to buildlivegive.com/dubb for our affiliate link.

I’ll just recap for a moment, remember that this is all going to be in the show notes, but

  1. Was posting.
  2. Is profile views.
  3. Birthday messages.
  4. LinkedIn stories.
  5. is getting your first connections into your email list.


6. Is outreach

And this is a really big one, right? So what they do is set up all of your ideal clients in the sales navigator as a saved search. It’s really important. So there’s so many tips, but ultimately you want to get them to get just slightly less than a thousand people in those lists that they can then send a connection request to.

So I get them to do that, once again, it’s a standard script that we have. We’ve got all the scripts as part of the sales machine and what I do is then engage with them. So once I’ve connected, then I engage. Now I must admit, we do test sometimes depending on the product that we’ve got in the service, whether my team does it, my VA on my behalf, but at the moment I’m doing that myself.

And then what they also do is add them to Copper. I use Copper as a sales CRM. So all of the information’s in there for me then to follow up the lead. And a lot of the outreach itself has been done in Airtable. I don’t have the time to go into detail there, but we’ve got quite a sophisticated system that works well. So that was number six, outreach.


7. Is inbound

So we all get inbound connections. Some of them are great. And as you know, some of them aren’t, so they filter the ones that they think are going to add value either as an expert or a potential client could be an ideal client. And what they do is they send them a script saying, you know, did you find out about me through a post or my podcast? And as a podcast, it’s a great way to find out. Who’s actually listened to your podcast because I know you guys are loyal. You listen, or it might be your first time, but it’s very rare that people will reach out to you. It’s just by chance. So that’s what we do to make sure that people have got the right intent. When they’re sending inbound messages, we just don’t accept all of them.

So that was number seven, inbound.


8. Sales CRM.

I briefly mentioned it before, but it’s so important to have correct data entered and just don’t waste all that time. Like all the deals are set up for me. I’ve got all the information there. So when I jump on a call, I’ve got the research, I’ve got everything which maximizes my time, but most importantly helps me to really solve the problem for the potential client. Also, it helps with the accuracy of reporting as well.


So last but not least is webinars.

So I just recently did a webinar. You can actually go back and hear all my thoughts on how to do it. On episode 276, it’s called B2B webinars, but running LinkedIn events is a great way to get people to your webinars. So we had over 300 people say yes to the event, but they don’t register because the way that LinkedIn set it up, they don’t automatically register in your system.

So once again, the sales VA went and sent all of those that had said yes to the LinkedIn event, but didn’t register a huge saving of my time. And also what they can do is outreach to clients in your first connections, also to invite them to the webinar that haven’t already registered to the events, really powerful stuff.

So a quick recap again, we had:

1. Posting
2. Profile views,
3. Birthday messages.
4. LinkedIn stories,
5. First connections to your email list.
6. Outreach.
7. Inbound.
8. Sales CRM.
9. Webinars.

So you can see there’s a huge amount of work that you can get someone else to do it for you.


So where do you start?

Look, I think there’s probably four key things. First thing is just ask your peers, right? See if they’re using someone and they might have someone they can recommend to you.

This is getting a sales VA. The next is you could go direct and there’s onlinejobs.ph, which I had Jonah the founder on episode 222. So you can go and listen to that, but that’s a really good resource, especially getting people out of the Philippines, then there’s Upwork, right? So it’s a form of direct, but it’s a platform. And then the last one is agencies. And look, I really highly recommend agencies, especially if you haven’t done this before, you’ve never used a VA before. I think it’s really good. And I’ve got plenty that I can recommend. So just once again, ask me, and I will send you a list of some fantastic companies that we’re associated with.


Three key actions for you today.

  1. 1. start with a VA and don’t wait to be ready. I hear so many people say, I’ll just get my system set up first. Then I’ll hire a VA, I call BS on that. Don’t do that.
  2. Hit me up for recommendations. Okay? I’m a wealth of knowledge in this space. I can help you.
  3. Let go. I licked off all that small stuff in sales.

So you can get all the links to this in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast. Just go to episode 280 on the app. You’re listening to, I recommend the pocket cast app, listen to episode 0.5.

If you are new it will give you a great overview, please connect and follow me on LinkedIn. I post all the time. And if you know someone interested to get help with their sales admin, please share it with them. They’ll love you for it. Remember to ask those follow-up questions, just like Kylie did at paulhigginsmentoring.com/questions.

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