What Are You Going To Say No To In 2022

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A new year is just starting, so it’s a good time to reflect on what you did last year that you don’t want to do over again.

During this solo show, Paul shares those things he should’ve said no in 2021, and now he knows he’s not going to repeat in 2022. Looking through the past motivates you to do things differently from now on.


01:20 – What I reflected over the break on what I did in 2021.
01:53 – What helps me not to be overwhelmed and stay focused.
02:32 – Taking on smaller clients.
02:55 – Chats.
03:30 – Experts.
03:56 – Podcast guesting.
04:22 – Technology.
05:40 – Referral partners.
06:14 – SEO.
06:56 – Three key actions from today.



I reflected over the break on what I did in 2021 and what I should have said no to. I went through my Google calendar, looked at what I met with every day and what I did. And to be honest, it was a little confronting. That’s why I’m so motivated to say no to things, but most importantly, to share this with you today. I will list the key points and how I will plan to say no to them in 2022.


I left corporate because I was always frustrated by my ideas not being implemented. But what I’ve got now is an app called Airtable. I put all my ideas in there, and I’ll review them at the end of the week. But I also avoid getting something on in my 90-day rolling plan unless I remove another thing. That’s certainly helped me not to be overwhelmed and stay focused.


  1. Taking on smaller clients. I took on solo people running their own business because I thought I could help them. But they didn’t have the team or budget to make the changes that they really aspired to do. So ​​I will have much stricter criteria to choose the people I will work with.


  1. Chats. I went back and looked at my calendar, and it was full of conversations that were nice to have, but they never really went anywhere. I’m going to have an application process for people that want to work with me, and I’m also going to have a much stricter qualification system.


  1. Experts. I hired experts in 2021 that I thought I really needed them. But in hindsight, I didn’t achieve the desired outcome, and I spent some money where I shouldn’t. This year, I’m only going to work with one person at this stage, and I will go deep on that rather than constantly changing experts throughout the year.


  1. Podcast guesting. I went on many podcasts. Some people say that all publicity is good publicity, but what I’ve realized some were just not the right fit for me. Now I’m going to set up the criteria and let my team handle the process.


  1. Technology. I’m addicted to testing new technology. And last year, I got really trapped in AppSumo and bought too many things that I’m never going to use. So what I’m going to do in 2022 is say no to all new software purchases.


  1. Referral partners. You can have great conversations with referral partners, but I’ve realized that it’s not worth having those conversations if you can’t significantly contribute to their revenue. I’m going to make sure that if I can’t contribute incrementally to their revenue in a material way, I’m just going to say no to those referral partner conversations.


  1. SEO. I spent quite a lot of time on content in 2021, and it didn’t really move the needle. So I’m going to work with Gert Mellak, and we’re going to focus on getting our blog right from our podcast.


Three key actions from today.


  1. Reflect on 2021. So go through your diary and have a look at where you spend all your time.
  2. Make a list of the things you’re going to say no to. Some of those might be what I’ve included in mine today, or you’ll create your own. 
  3. Get your team to hold you accountable.


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