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It goes another year, and 2021 was full of a lot of changes. In this episode, Paul shares his experience during the most prolonged lockdown in the world. He also shares the key changes he made in his business and life and thank all of you, listeners, for your support and feedback.




00:34 – Melbourne world records.

02:24 – Key changes I made this year.

07:58 – Podcast sponsors of 2021.

08:10 – Experts I worked with this year.

09:24 – My team.

11:30 – I want to thank you.

12:00 – Have a wonderful festive season!


Melbourne holds two world records.

Prior to 2020, Melbourne was the most livable city in the world, according to globalcitizen.org. But in 2021, we held another world record: the most days in hard lockdown, 260 in total. To be honest, it didn’t really impact me as much because most of my clients are all around the world. I work from home, and being an immune-compromised transplant patient, I really kept a low key. And I was lucky to get access to the vaccines early. 

But I really felt for the people running small businesses and parents in particular with school-aged children. They really felt it. So wherever you’re listening from, I really hope that COVID is now getting to the stage where it’s not having a huge impact on your life.


Changes I made in 2021 to inspire you to make changes in 2022

  •  I created my first online course with the help of Maria Doyle. I learned many things from her, but the biggest takeaway was not to present to people. She showed me how you first asked someone about a topic. Then you teach them about that particular topic and then ask them to wrap up what they’ve learned. 
  • I didn’t end up launching the online course. I went further into the membership instead, but I will take that knowledge. I did become much better at my podcast, webinars, and videos by using that.
  • On a personal note, I’ve decided to improve my golf. I used to be an okay golfer. With the transplant, it slipped a little, but I can’t really blame that. I was very lucky to get a guy called Marty Joyce, who became my coach. He was coaching pros in the US tour, but because of COVID, the silver lining, not for him, but for us, he got to stay here. And I went from an OK golfer to a much better one over a period of time.
  • I doubled down on my membership, called The Sales Machine, which is predominantly around helping coaches and consultants get more clients through sales. And we made a significant platform change.
  • I moved from group mentoring to one‑on‑one, which I know most people go the other way, but I really felt like I wanted to get more hands-on and get more results for people. I really enjoyed that. And I worked with some amazing clients that achieved significant results, particularly by leveraging strategic referral partners.
  • I worked with Michael Greenberg as a podcasting mentor, and he was great. And then, I went further with Melanie Benson to focus on the podcast. We changed the name to Accelerate Sales podcasts. I’m really happy with the changes, and I really want to thank both of them.
  • We ran a reactivation campaign where we looked at all the people that were in our contacts but weren’t on our list. And it was just amazing. We got some great results out of that and got some really good clients. So if you haven’t done that before, I highly recommend it.
  • I’ve repositioned my offer, and I’m now going after cloud partners where I help with effectively the strategy, the sales, the marketing engine, and the team. And I’m loving that pivot.


I want to thank you

I want to thank you for listening all year, but really for the amount of feedback I get. To be honest, I do this even if no one listened to it, but it does make such a difference when you reach out. If you’ve never reached out, reach out and say hello to me. I love to hear what I’m doing well and what I can improve for you. I hope this has inspired you to go and make a positive change in your business and implement something in 2022, which is going to make a significant difference in your life.

Have a wonderful festive season!!!


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