Virginie worked as a quality manager and project manager for some of the world’s major brands,  including Amazon. 
She left corporate in 2017 to travel the world – leveraging the 5 languages she speaks. 
She has lived in six countries and now helps leaders navigate the cultural nuances in an ever growing global business world.

Why listen 

  • How you determine what to do when you make the jump from corporate
  • How the world is more international, however adapting for countries moving at a slower pace 
  • How to gain more engagement on Linkedin 


What you will also learn 

  • The importance of getting support from your partner, family and friends when you run your own business 
  • Why walking in the shoes of your clients can help you propel your business 
  • What is obvious to you is not always obvious to others 
  • Which countries you need to adapt for when doing global business 


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