Our guest today is Vanessa Bennett from Next Evolution Performance. She is an inspiration to Build Live Give listeners.
Vanessa is different to many of our guests – she actually really enjoyed corporate and left because she wanted to help those who were not enjoying it.
She sees the challenge of people lacking control at work and helps them to get back into control with a blend of mind and body technics. Her advise is world class and not to be missed.
Vanessa also talks about her causes which directl help many of the people she coaches.
Vanessa reveals a secret which may surprise many listeners.
If you are poor at saying NO and are interested in mindset, this podcast is for you.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • The ways to make revenue as a coach
  • The three challenges she comes across at all levels in business and how to overcome them
  • How to maximise your energy levels and a way of measuring them
  • How neuroscience is so important to staying in control
  • How to get a free 1 hour obligation free session


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