Hello to the Build Live Give solo podcast episode number 312. I'm Paul Higgins and in today's podcast you will learn what role humor plays in sales, when and where to use it. If it's your first time welcome and if you love what you hear, please subscribe. If you're a regular, thanks for your support. You can check out past shows on your favourite platform, just search build live give there's also great interviews that you can find. 


So I was inspired to do this podcast by a long term sales mentor. And I've got to say long term, cause I've known this person for 50 years and I'm 50. So it might give you a bit of a hint who this could be. They turned 75 this week and we have a surprise party for them this week and everyone who is involved, spoke about the humor they bring to life. 


So they always talked about, you know, just, it's great. It'll be great to catch up with this person because you know, there's always laughter there's always optimism. And you know, they are a really great person to be around and I've been watching this particular person, you know, build these kinds of relationships over years. And when he was a child he had polio and he spent, you know, most of his formative years in isolation and he missed most of school, especially the real building blocks of school. And, you know, he sort of dropped into the school system at an older age and really didn't know how to write, read, or write or not effectively. And the only way he could really defend himself is through humor. Right, he also had a physical disability with polio so yeah, he couldn't run fast, he couldn't run there. So he had to  use these words to get through. And, you know they basically used this as an advantage to get a great career. And one of the most prestigious sales companies in the world, sales and marketing companies, which is Coca Cola. He ended his career as a senior sales leader, even given, you know, he's poor written skills. And you know, he sort of got out just before computers became our best friends or, you know, some people would say not so who is this person? I think you've probably guessed it by now, but certainly if you're a past listener, but this person happens to be my father Joe Higgins, or they call him Joey Higgins and happy 75th birthday dad. I'm not quite sure if you'll be listening to this one, but anyway, happy birthday. 


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So how does humor play an important role in sales and you know, why should it? I think, you know, there's such a crowded space at the moment, all, you know, everyone's sort of complaining about and the waythat they're getting messages, whether it's in inboxes or in social media and most of them are sort of dry, boring, spammy, they're sort of templates copied and paste, not all, right, but a lot of them are like that and you sort of get it in your inbox and you know, it's an, it's an easy delete. They're boring, you know, let's be honest. And what I'd love you to do is just stop for a minute and think of messages that you've been sent that have been humorous and memorable to you, you know, a couple come to mind. I won't, I won't be able to repeat them exactly off the top of my head to do them justice. But if you do want to get them, just reach out to me, but I've saved them in my swipe file and I have used variations and it's worked really well. 


So what about you? Did you respond to them? Okay. Did you tell other people about them? Like I'm telling you now, so some of you might be thinking, Paul, I'm not humorous. I don't have a funny bone in my body. I'm just not funny but look funny quirky to me, they're all sorta in the same family. So ultimately what you want to do is stand out and I think you need a pattern interrupter so that it's not the same boring messages like everyone else is sending AND sometimes, you know, stating the elephant in the room or what's obvious to everyone, but no one's talking about, it's also a great tool to build those relationships through humour. 


So for example, you know, moving from LinkedIn to email, you know, LinkedIn can be a bit of a pain. So I call it out. I say, you know, LinkedIn messages suck, you always trying to find them like I am. Right. So it sort of stayed in the obvious. Another one, especially for my age group, I must admit it was my favourite movie as a child, but nowI find LinkedIn messages harder to find than the Willy Wonka golden ticket. Right? So not, everyone's got the same sense of humour, but at least you're doing something different and you get your point across. There is very little dance out of using humour on your next message you send, right. It's one individual, you testing it to see if it works. And it's like being a comedian on stage, you know, you'll get instant feedback on it. So you'll know if it works, if you know it doesn't and you know, just don't leave it to message. You can also do this in your videos, your sales meetings, and other areas I think humour can be used more.


I know for me, when I was certainly at Coca Cola, I was such an intense person that I sometimes forgot that. And it took a call with my dad to realise that, no, I had to make sure that I'd combined that humour and embedded in. You can also well, so we can all take ourselves too seriously. Right. And especially in today's world, like let's face it. There's some people that are really struggling, but you know, and there's a lot of news that has sort of, you know, doom and gloom. But I think, you know, bringing that humour up can be a fantastic, so, I like to say that, um, well, I like to think the dad had a really rough childhood and I think that's why, you know, every day that he has now is better than what he had before. 


And you know, he's never had a bad days, all A's, an optimist, and these are great qualities that have when you're selling and you don't have to have the experience that he's had, but I think you can definitely benefit from using humour. 


So thanks for listening. But what I really want you to do is go and implement. I want you to go and implement some humur into your sales process today. Just send me some of your best one-liners or examples that you've come up with. So [email protected] Higginsmentoring.com, you can get all the links in the show notes at PaulHiggins mentoring.com/podcast, episode number 312 on the app you're listening to now. I always recommend PocketCasts app. It's a favorite of mine, no sponsorship. It's just a favourite. 


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