Valerie Khoo from the Australia Writers Centre is an amazing person with many hidden talents. She started her career as an accountant because she believed that writers didn’t make money. The allure of writing was always there for her and eventually, she took the leap and has never looked back.
She spent 11 years working 20-hour days and threw everything at her passion. On reflection, she wished she had sought mentors earlier in her own business to not have worked so hard.
She talks through her latest passion – making art with rope.
Valerie shares her rich insights into business, life and writing.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • The dangers of working too hard and without mentors
  • How to scale a community in an area you have a passion for
  • Digital advances and how to stay ahead of them
  • How to plan out your day and week
  • Importance of business structure


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