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So today’s topic is using a Masterclass To Increase Your Sales Conversion.

You’ll learn three key things:

1. What is a Masterclass (my definition)
2. How to use it
3. What are the benefits


So, a Masterclass, as I said, my definition is a 10 to 15 minute video presentation where you’ve both got you, the camera and also slides. I normally use Google Slides, giving potential clients information to help them solve a challenge. Okay. So whatever the key, you know, from your audience, what their key challenges are, actually putting that in forward and helping to solve it. So let me explain a little bit more. So the typical elements include, if you think about it, this is how you would sketch out your Masterclass into Google slides before you record it.


So the first thing is, is a little About You and most people go overboard on this. I just do one page. I’ve just got my history on one page. I just quickly pop through it.

The next is a Promise. So what are they going to actually get from watching this masterclass?

Then the next one is their Key Challenges. So once again, you’ve done your research, you know your audience very well. So what are the key challenges? So, for me, I love working with Low Seven Figure Business Owners, Service-based Business Owners to get themselves out of sales. So one of their biggest challenges is they’ve tried to remove or bring in people. So remove sales from them, bring in people to do the sales, but it hasn’t quite worked. So that’s a huge challenge for them.

The next part is What Does Success Look Like? So don’t worry. This is in the show notes as well, but you can take notes here. Depends. I love listening to podcasts, riding my bike. It’s always hard. I love the show notes, but, you know, what does success look like when they get this right? Okay. So for me, they can, you know, they can definitely get more revenue.

Yes. But they can actually take some time off because it’s not as reliant upon them as an example,

Then your Methodology. Right. So how are you going to solve this? So I’ve got my three pillars. That’s my key methodology. And that’s how I help people solve it. And what you do is just go through each of those steps. And once again, you just sort of frame it. Story-like okay. So it’s not like you’re in a lecture in a classroom. It’s very story-based .

Then the next section is The Case Study. Okay. So give an example of how you’ve got success by someone following your methodology. Pretty simple. It’s normally just a one page and you talk to it, then you ask them what have you learned? Right. So you get them to write that down. So, you’re talking to the person.

Yes, it’s on demand. You know, it’s not live, but you’re getting them to really think about, well, what have I learned. And then the key points that you have gone through,

And then the last one is a Call To Action. So for most people, the clearest call to action is to book a call. Okay. So at the end, if you’ve got a landing page and you can actually have at the end, the booking link directly to book a call, now I will talk about another method of using Masterclass in a moment where it’s actually, you’re not booking a call.


Okay. So I’ll just quickly top-line those again, in case you’re taking your own notes, there’s the About You, Promise, Challenge, What Success Looks Like, your Methodology, Case Study, What They Have Learned and the Call To Action. And as I said, these are on demand and it’s always nice to have a really good landing page that they go to for this.

Before we go into how to use it, and some of the benefits I’d like to talk to you about Dubb D U B B, it’s an all in one sales and marketing video platform that helps to attract, convert and retain more happy clients. I used it this week as a value add to people I connected with on LinkedIn. I sent them a lovely little video on what you should do to have a great LinkedIn profile, if you want that just hit me up in the question section that I’ll mention again at the end. So why not check out DUBB for yourself, just go to buildlivegive.com/dubb. And there’s my affiliate link there.


So now we go into How To Use It. And as I sort of hinted, I think there’s two key ways. So one is to drive leads into your business. So as an example, you might do a post on LinkedIn.

And what you would do is have a PDF with a portion of the case study. So normally a methodology, and then you would say, comment below and I’ll send you a link to watch the full Masterclass. And then of course, there’s a call to action at the end. So that’s a little bit more lead generating. And then the other way, which I think is more sales conversion is to send between them booking a call with you. So it might have come in through another way, then booking a call and actually having the call. So what are the benefits of that particularly the second way? Well, I think there’s just a couple of key ones. One is it adds value to your prospects, right? We’ve all heard the, you know, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary V.

Everyone knows it, so I won’t go into depth on that. But it’s a great way of adding value. The next is it helps qualify, right? So in there, you’re actually talking about exactly who you’re working with and how you’re helping people. If they don’t have those pain points or challenges, and they don’t think they’re right, they might not go through with the call. So it’s helping to self-qualify from their end, which is really important.

The next is it gives you more time to focus on them. That’s right! Not talk about yourself because you’ve done that. And like, you know, for mine, as I said, they’re normally 10 minutes long and people can watch it at two times speed. So they might get through and in five minutes, but then it allows you time to ask better questions, actually in the call. It also reduces the call time.

You don’t need 45 minutes. You might need a half an hour in it. And every call you take, obviously that’s a greater opportunity to get more sales. Also, it’s easy to share with channel partners. That’s right. The one to many sow, which we should all be using as a key strategy to drive our service service-based businesses. So it’s a lot easier if someone wants to know about your service, even if they’re referring you, you can say, watch this first because most channel partners are fantastic. But if they’re not really educated, they don’t know the product as well as you, it steps in and does a great job of doing that. Also it’s easy for them to share it as well, cause they can’t talk it through, but they can definitely share methodology to their list as an example.

And the last thing is, you can track the analytics on it as well and see the people that are really serious that have watched it through or not then you can take certain actions.


So let’s come down to three key actions that you can take from today.

1. Go see some examples of this.

Right? So if you go to buildlivegive.com/acc. You’ll see my example on our accelerate program.

2. Draft an outline.

So those key points that I’ve mentioned, draft that outline and just send it to me in the questions section, just send it to me and I’ll give you some feedback.

3. Implement.


Okay, it’s going to really help you with the conversions. So you can get all the links and the show notes, which I’ve talked about these specific points at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast, episode 268, or on the app. You’re listening to now recommend the pocket cast app.

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Or if you go to paulhigginsmentoring.com, You’ll see it there. It’s on the home page, 15 questions, three minutes. And then the great thing is I’ll actually take you through an action orientated call. It’s not a quiz. I call it an assessment, but it’s not a quiz that I just take your name ready to hit you up and give you no value. Not saying that anyone else does that of course.

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