Ursula Hogben from LegalVision started her career in Law and moved into Corporate Law working for Baker McKenzie. She then went and worked for Merrill Lynch and worked across multiple countries. She had a wonderful career and really loved corporate life.
She then went and had twins and make a life-changing decision to leave the safety of corporate to start her own practice. With the help of mentors and business networks, she scaled her own business and then was approached by Lachlan McKnight (CEO) and Evan Tait-Styles (CTO) from LegalVision to add a law firm to their legal marketplace.
Since then Ursula has worked with some amazing startups to help them scale. She has great insights into what is essential to get right in a startup when it comes to legalities and helps people save the most important item – TIME.
This is a wonderful interview.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • What support to look for when you start your own business
  • The three essential legal items you need when launching your own startup
  • How LegalVision is innovating
  • The importance of being customer centric
  • The three key challenges she faced when scaling her business
  • The importance of drawing a wage to live when seeking funding
  • How energy and focus are important to succeed
  • Be comfortable with complexity whilst staying focused on what is most important


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