The key benefits of listening 

  1. Why add value
  2. How to store knowledge
  3. How to collect experts 


The key actions:

  1. Start collecting knowledge and check out Airtable
  2. Start collecting experts using a sales CRM 
  3. Ask people what their focus is and add value 


Full Transcription 

Hello to the Build Live Give solo podcast episode number 209.
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Today’s topic is – Two ways to add value 
You will learn Why add value, How to store knowledge, How to collect experts 
For regulars, you know I help coaches and consultants to find and convert clients on Linkedin. Once successful, I then mentor to create an online business to support their lifestyle. 
Have you ever been sent a podcast, blog post or generic piece of information unrelated to your core focus? 
I see it all the time. It is like throwing darts blindfolded. 
I ask people what their key focus is and provide knowledge and or experts to help them progress. It is specific and gets them a result. 
Stop following the Linkedin experts who get you to do what everyone else is doing. Instead, stand out and treat others like you would like to be treated yourself. 
Time to get off my soapbox. 
I will give you an insight into how I collect knowledge and experts so you can build your resources to add real value. 

First knowledge 
I inherited my thirst for knowledge from my mum.  She was a school teacher and always had a notebook and pen with her at all times. 
This was further developed when I was at the Coca-Cola Company. Their global knowledge bases were sophisticated and part of their success. 
When I went through kidney failure I had kidney brain fog. The toxins not removed by failing kidneys sat in my brain and made it hard to remember. I had to come up with a mechanism to do this. 
I choose to use Airtable. I started with Evernote, added google drive but something was missing.
Ari Meisel from Less Doing introduced me to Airtable and Gareth Pronovost helped me set it up. 

The benefits for me over other platforms are:

  1. Easy to configure
  2. Types of fields you can have 
  3. Searchable 
  4. Shareable 
  5. Mobile friendly 
  6. Reach out and I am happy to show you how I have set it up. 

What are my best sources of knowledge:

  1. Podcasts 
  2. Client calls
  3. Linkedin posts 
  4. Facebook groups
  5. Youtube 

I have collected the largest knowledge base for coaches and consultants in the world – subjective I know – but I haven’t seen anything like it. 
Try me out. 
Before we go into experts 
I would like to talk to you about Dubb – D U B B. It is an All-in-one sales & marketing video platform which helps to attract, convert and retain more happy clients.
Stand out in someone’s inbox – be it email, slack or social media – by sending them videos
I used it this week to create a quick summary of how the sales machine works for a prospective client. 
I can track all the analytics so I know when best to circle back. 
Why not check it out for yourself. 
Go to 

How many times have you struggled to find an expert to help your growing business? 
 And when you do find someone, how many times have you been let down? 
I had an R&D grant company fleece me for 60K and an online course provider 15K to name a few. 
My experience and people I mentor fired me up and I became obsessed with collecting the best experts for coaches and consultants. 
The sources are similar to knowledge, just where I store it is different. 
I store it in my Sales CRM called Copper. 
I have 471 vetted experts across 131 categories. You name it and I have at least 3 experts. 
So start collecting your knowledge and experts so you can add value in these two ways. 

Three key actions from today 

  1. Start collecting knowledge and check out Airtable
  2. Start collecting experts using a sales CRM 
  3. Ask people what their focus is and add value 

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Please take action to build your business and lifestyle
And stay well

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