Tsufit was a former litigation lawyer who has been described by the Toronto Star as “a starburst of energy― bright bubbly and upbeat” – she will not let you down here.
Her book, Step Into the Spotlight! has been endorsed by too many New York Times best selling authors and experts to mention.
She is a singer, television actress and comedienne.
Her music CD “Under the Mediterranean Sky” has made Top Album lists all over North America and is played on the radio internationally.
She has been Featured in Forbes & Entrepreneur Magazine.
She now helps solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to set into the spotlight.

The key benefit of listening

  1. How to strip back all the crap and be you
  2. How to connect with people
  3. How to run an engaged community – even on LinkedIn


What you will also learn

  • Why Donald Trump’s message gets heard (regardless of the content)
  • The importance of niching down
  • How to kick the formal out of you
  • Why conforming will repel people you can add value to


Tsufit’s top 3 personal effectiveness tips

  1. Write notes (I suggest Rocketbook)
  2. Do it now
  3. Be direct


Tech Tsufit could not live without to run his business


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