Traci’s 25-year professional career reflects a unique combination of Broadcast Media, Executive Management & Fortune 500 Business Consulting.
This powerful combination led to founding Produce Your Podcast, a premier podcast consulting & production agency providing a comprehensive, full-service high-quality solution to incorporating podcasting into B2B and B2C clients overall digital marketing strategy.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • How to up your game in the quality of sound for your podcast
  • How to repurpose your podcast content to increase your social engagement
  • Ways to monetize your podcast
  • What transcription services to use
  • Some of the most common myths when it comes to podcasting
  • What conferences to attend to perfect the art of podcasting
  • What subcategories of podcasting are under-serviced
  • What are the trends in podcasting for the next 3 years


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