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So today’s topic is the top 10 episodes for 2020.

If you are listening to it in January 2021, a big Happy New Year for you. I hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday season. And if you’re an Australian, you’re probably still on holidays.

So enjoy it while it lasts, unfortunately, I’m back and believe me, it’s been a struggle so far. So what I’m going to do is go through my top 10 downloaded podcasts. So I haven’t even got my teeth back in for this year for 2020.


The first one is episode 165. It’s Likes To Lead. And I talked about helping people that have liked your posts, connecting with them on LinkedIn. And I first spoke about who to connect with, like who, in other words, who to send a connection request to and related that to your ideal client also said, now how you send connection requests, thanking them for liking your posts. And you’ll be very specific and put the link to the post there so they know what you’re talking about. And that’s in a connection request.

Also talked about the Hot Potato to get them on a call and also some great tips around sales CRM. Follow-up. So that’s episode 165.


Number two is episode 162 Go Where You are Treated Well with Andrew Henderson. So Andrew has a very nomadic lifestyle, and he really talked about how you’re going to be treated best, the multiple ways to get Passport in multiple countries. And the reason why that is so important. And he also talked about how to take advantage of legal Tax opportunities to have more money to live and give. So it was a fantastic episode, highly recommended.

Next was episode 168. So this is the third one, The Art of Giving Back with Richie Harkham I’ve got to tell you, this was a truly inspirational story of how you can turn your worst day into your best.

And it was really five seconds in his life that completely changed everything. He also talks about the importance of organ donation, which is so close to my heart, but also to my other organ, which was a kidney where I got a transplant in 2019, he also spoke about why people over plan, what they can achieve in one year, but under plan in 10, he really gets you to think big picture. So that was episode 168.


The fourth one is episode 169 Seven Steps That Helped Me get 683,000 Views on LinkedIn in 2019. Now I have to say recording this podcast I have about two and a half million views, but in particular that patch that I did from transplant to the end of 2019 was fantastic. I go through how you should track your posts using an app called shieldapp.ai.

Also talk about how to implement the seven steps of a post, and also talk about, you know, look at some of my posts as some examples of best practise and also speak about how you can learn more to do it yourself. You can just go to

Build your authority on LinkedIn


So number 5, episode 164 was How To Be Wealth Independent by Selling Raw Dirt with Mark Podolski. Now I’m going to say, this is not a topic that I expected to ever interview someone on, but it was really great. Mark opens up about his model of making money by working minimal hours a week. And he’s really true to that. And he also talks about the benefit of automation and outsourcing, which can be applied to any business, whether you’re buying to hurt, or buying other assets or running your service-based business.

And he also talks about how best to manage anxiety. And he was very open in that. So that was episode number 164. So far we’ve gone through 1 to 5, but before we go, 6 to 10, I’d like to talk to you about DUBB. DUBB is an all-in-one sales and marketing video platform that helps to attract, convert and retain more happy clients. I use it to send personal videos to clients and experts who supported me in 2020. And I’ve got some fantastic feedback from them. Why not check it out yourself, just go to buildlivegive.com/dubb.


Okay, so now we’ll go 6 to 10. Number six was episode 171, and it was the seven secrets, lots of sevens in this The Seven Secrets To Get More From Your Phone. And I had some great examples here. I won’t go through all seven, but one was using a launch app.

We can launch model apps quickly. I’ll use launch centre pro also recording your screen and how you can record it, but also add audio, which is fantastic for so many purposes. When you’re looking at something, you can give quick feedback to someone and the other one was text replacements, which I think are absolutely vital for saving time.

Episode 176 was number seven. And remember we’re going from highest to lowest. So All things sleep with Mollie McGlocklin and she really goes into busting the key myths around sleep. It was excellent. I learned a lot from this and I’m still implementing them now. She also talks about some of the daily habits to improve your night’s sleep. So now that sounds a bit counter-intuitive. What you do during the day is going to help you tonight and some cool apps you can take control of your sleep.

And also big shout out to Mollie. Who’s just recently got engaged as well.


Episode 166, which is number eight, Helping People To Find Freedom, Not Retirement with Patrick Donohoe. And he really talks about the importance of having coaches in business and personal life gives some great examples, the hierarchy of wealth. He talks about this 60, 40 split. I won’t go into it now, but I highly recommend listening to 166 where he goes into that something I’d never heard before and how to use top grading to pick the right people in life. That’s right. Top grading. So once again, really an innovative concept and one that I recommend you having and listening to. So that was episode 166.


Number nine is episode 170, How To Get People To Listen With Lisa Fey.

So she talked about what you can learn from a $240 billion that’s right with a billion dollar company to improve your business. And, I might as well tell you now, but she worked at Coca Cola, which was also where I learnt a lot of my skills. So we talk openly about that also the rule of three and how it will transform your speaking. Okay. And you know, that applies to both what we’re doing now. A lot more of it is virtual speaking, but it’s really important. And the last one, what you can do to get people to listen to you more, which in a crowded space, you know, it’s only going to get more crowded. There’s a podcast launching every day. I think it’s really fantastic. So that was a great episode with Lisa. And as I said, you know, reminiscing on some of my Coke moments.


So 10, the lucky last is episode 180, Looking Inside to Create a Remote Career with Jonathan Magnin. And he talks about the value of going within to find your ideal remote career. And I know for a lot of people it’s difficult. What do I do when I want to leave corporate as an example? He gives some great practical tips here, the power of our diagnostic tools to help you make life-changing decisions and the benefits of habit trackers, who will help you when you work solo. And the habit tracker that I’ve fallen in love with is just called Done. D O N E. I don’t know if it’s on both iPhone and mobile and Android, but it’s definitely an iPhone and I love it. Okay. So they were the top 10 for 2020.


So key actions from today:

  1. Why not go check them out yourself
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  3. What was your favourite?

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