In 2008 Tommy started playing around with google search and launched how to build your own fraternity. This lead into his own business which did not go to plan
All his experience counted and within weeks he landed an SEO job with Paypal and went into AirBnB.
Tommy was so skilled at SEO, he began to teach it to peers and this has now turned into a successful digital marketing academy which teaches the fundamentals with no BS.

Why listen 

  • Tommy gives an honest and insightful story of the transition from job to solopreneurship
  • Learn the power of keyword search for your own business
  • Learn how to build a remote team and the number one secret to success


What you will also learn

  • Why you need to work out the unit economics of your business model to scale
  • The impact of hanging around ‘toxic people’ and how to avoid it
  • How clickbait and social tricks have got us all in hot water
  • Why focusing on the fundamentals will always be a safe bet
  • The importance of truly understanding your ideal client – helps if you
  • The number one secret to running a successful remote team
  • The importance of your working environment


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