Our guest today is Tom Sylvester from Sylvester Coaching and Training. Tom knows that corporate life was not going to be for him, but he needed to create a nest egg before he started his own entrepreneurial pursuits.
Tom promised he would escape corporate by 35 and he managed to achieve this with 2 years to spare.
Tom is a lifelong learner and implementor. He gives great advise and opens up what it is like to run a business with your life partner who is very different to you.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • The importance of creating a nest egg before you escape corporate
  • Options to create wealth outside of your corporate job and how a bold move can pay off
  • The benefits of focusing on your ‘why’ and not getting caught in the ‘how’
  • The number one tip to live a productive life
  • How to put your family at the centre of what you do whilst being successful in multiple businesses
  • How to work with your life partner when you have opposite personality types
  • What is important when building a high performing team
  • How to communicate with a team not located in one location
  • What are the key pain points when scaling a family oriented business
  • What you can do when you work for yourself
  • Importance of giving students choices when it comes to entrepreneurship


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