Tim Farr from Entrepreneur accelerator started his career in private wealth for one of the big four banks. He knew it was not the right place for him as he was too ambitious and entrepreneurial to play the game. So with no security and the pressure of a young family, he left corporate and started his own financial wealth business.
Tim successfully went on to positively change the lives of his clients before successfully exiting the business to follow a passion he really cares about – helping other entrepreneurs scale fast.
He gives brilliant information and suggestions for entrepreneurs and this is an episode not to miss.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • What Tim loves to do outside of work
  • The three important item to scaling fast – Time, team and money
  • Explains simplify the key to profit
  • The importance of increasing prices
  • The importance of sales and marketing
  • What is really important in life
  • Importance of health
  • What passive income is and how to earn more

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