241 – The Four Pillars To Building A Profitable And Sustainable Service Business – Unpacking the Foundations



Today’s topic is:

Unpacking the foundations – Pillar one


You will learn the four modules:

  1. How it works 
  2. Self-diagnostic
  3. Leveraging a VA
  4. Personal tech stack 



Hello to The Build Live Give solo podcast episode number 241

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I am doing something different over the next four weeks. I am going to do a series unpacking the four pillars to building a profitable and sustainable services business.

Shawn Souto from SSI design who is helping me with my SEO inspired this series. 

He kept asking me what each of the four pillars stood for – so decided to do what I love doing best – record a podcast on it. 

If you are running a service-based business and want to be seen as an industry leader but are trapped in sales and ops – this will benefit you. 

The four pillars are:

  1. Unpacking the foundations 
  2. Business model
  3. Sales focus 
  4. High performing team

There are 29 modules in total. You can see an image at https://paulhigginsmentoring.com/


Today’s topic is – Unpacking the foundations – Pillar one

You will learn the four modules 

  1. How it works 
  2. Self-diagnostic
  3. Leveraging a VA
  4. Personal tech stack 


Pillar One Module one – How it works

A common phrase I hear from new clients when I ask them about past mentoring experiences is: 

It is like drinking from a firehouse.

I get it – it was the same for me. 

Setting the scene and how we will work together is critical. 

We use a project management software called Asana, so it is easy for clients to know what they should be doing every step of the way. No wasting valuable energy in worry and confusion. 


Pillar One Module Two – Self-diagnostic 

Mentoring, to me, is finding out where you are, where you want to be and prioritising the steps to get there. 

Clients complete diagnostic diving deep into each the of 29 modules to work out what we keep, what we need and what we stop. 

Email me, and I will share it with you. 

We also cover:

  • Time tracking 
  • Personal Health check
  • Energy drivers
  • Personal non-negotiables 
  • Personality profiling 

Before we go into the remaining two

I want to talk to you about Dubb – D U B B. It is an All-in-one sales & marketing video platform that helps to attract, convert, and retain more happy clients.

I used it this week to record personalised videos for outreach on Linkedin. 

Why not check it out for yourself. Go to buildlivegive.com/dubb 

So far, we have covered.

  1. How it works 
  2. Self-diagnostic 

Remember you can get the methodology at https://paulhigginsmentoring.com/  


Pillar One Module Three – Leveraging a Virtual Assistant 

If you are regular, you have heard me say there are three essentials every business owner should have 

  1. Computer 
  2. Phone 
  3. Virtual Assistant 

The simple fact is implementation is where all the success comes true. 

Picture sitting in a mentor session, and you see a list of tasks allocated to your name. You know they will not get done, but you fool yourself they will. 

It would be best if you had a VA to make the implementation work – so you can think. 

We also cover 

  • Do delegate delete
  • How to recruit
  • How to onboard
  • Training

Check out episodes 7, 204, 225 and 233 for VA learnings.


Last is Pillar One Module four – Personal tech stack 

No matter if you are a propeller head like me or are a luddite – you need to leverage tech to get you speed of implementation.

I learnt the power of this at Coca-Cola, and we sold sugar and water. 

The tech also lets you tap into outsourcing covered in Pillar four. 

We assess the client’s tech stack, keep what is working and train and implement what is new. 


Three key actions from today:

  1. Please email me for the diagnostic 
  2. Get a VA 
  3. Assess your tech stack 

In the next three episodes, we will cover 

  • Business model
  • Sales focus 
  • High performing team

I promise I will share with you practical value to move you forward. 

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