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There comes a point for most women when they have to make the difficult choice between their career and the joy of staying at home with their children. With Hire My Mom, you may not have to compromise either! Hire My Mom is a boutique service that connects small businesses with independent virtual professionals – mostly moms working from home. Joining Paul Higgins is its amazing founder, Lesley Pyle. A pioneer in virtual hiring, Lesley started her website when the internet was just in its infancy. More than two decades later, she continues to be a bridge between small businesses who want to save more by outsourcing and women who want to advance their careers from home. Despite the rapid development of digital technologies, the small business world is not as quick in adopting virtual hiring. That is going to change fast, and Lesley is in the right position to help make that shift easier. Want to know the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant and how you can narrow down the choices and hire the right talent for your business? This episode will enlighten you.

The Best Of Both Worlds: Virtual Mom Hiring For Small Businesses With Lesley Pyle

Our guest is someone who did marketing PR at uni and completed her Master’s in Scotland. A story goes with that. She couldn’t find the right corporate role and while working for a small business, she had her first of four children and knew that full-time career was not for her. She became a VA or Virtual Assistant before it was even a thing. Now she runs a boutique platform connecting moms and entrepreneurs. How to overcome the fear of hiring a VA? What can a VA do to help you grow your business? How to narrow down applicants to find the best VA for you. I’ve given a great resource at the end of the blog. Now to Lesley Pyle from Hire My Mom.

Welcome to the show, Lesley Pyle from Hire My Mom. I’m excited to have you on, Lesley.

Thank you so much. I’m excited to be with you, Paul.

I’ve heard you on another podcast and I think what you’re doing is fantastic. I can’t wait to share that with everyone. Why don’t we start with something that your family or friends would know about you that we may not?

One fun thing about me is that I was an Ambassador of Goodwill for Rotary International. What that means is I applied for a scholarship after my Bachelor’s degree and was awarded an opportunity to study anywhere in the world. I selected Scotland and attended the University of Stirling there. I obtained my Master’s degree in Marketing and PR. As an ambassador, I went around the country and spoke about the United States and Texas. I wore my cowboy boots and those sorts of things. Once I came back, I did the same thing in Texas and shared my experience and the opportunity that I had to live and go to school in Scotland.

Why Scotland out of any place?

Do you want to know what my number one choice was? It was Australia. The only reason I did not go there is because I would have had to wait another six months because of the different hemisphere in schooling. That bummed me out. It had to be an English-speaking school because I’m not fluent in any other languages. I was somewhat limited in that regard. I was also looking for a school that offered marketing and public relations. That narrowed my choices down as well.

I’ve been to England and Ireland but not Scotland. Was it cold and dreary in the winter as everyone says?

I arrived in August and from the plane, I could not even express to you the color of green of the grass of Scotland. That was the thing that stuck out to me the most. It was the most vivid green I had ever seen because they do get so much rain. The winters were not my favorite, but the rest of the year was absolutely gorgeous there.

I’ll never forget the first time I flew into Ireland and it was the same as that. “Amazing green grass of home,” as they say in Ireland. You were doing a little bit of work. You had your first child and then decided that work from home is going to be for you. Take us through how you got to that decision and how you got to running this fantastic platform for hiring moms.

I finished my Master’s degree. I was already married. I had every intention to climb the corporate ladder and go far as I could with the marketing and PR career. I had some great interviews with some big corporations and things and none of those worked out. I couldn’t figure out. I thought I was doing everything right, but the doors kept closing on me. I finally did get a job at a very small golf school in Austin, Texas doing their PR. Within about 2 or 3 months of working there, I got pregnant with my first child. I didn’t have any intentions on not going back to work. I still fully intended on pursuing my career. However, when my baby was born and I laid her on my tummy, something shifted in me that I did not expect.

In those six weeks of maternity leave, I struggled with, how am I going to do this? I want to work but I don’t know how I’m going to be able to leave this baby of mine with someone every day while I go to work. The bottom line is I did go back to work for about two weeks and I cried every single day. I decided this is not for me. As much as I thought it was going to be, I feel the strong tug on my heart to be more than just a working mom. I wanted to work from home. That was back in 1995 and working from home was not a thing. I began freelancing. I hit the ground running because in order to make it work, I had to bring in a minimum of $500 a month.

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We were living on bare bones with that, meaning we sold one car so we were now a one-car family. We cut cable TV and every other bill that was not required. We ate ramen noodles which we were used to doing because we put ourselves through college. I did the freelancing thing for about six months. It was tough to juggle a newborn and try to build a business, but I had such determination and such a passion that I was going to make it work no matter what. That led me to think, “Where are the other moms? I can’t be the only one.”

I had worked in my college days for an association and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was some type of online association for moms who’ve worked at home.” Granted the internet was brand new to me at that time. By then, it was about 1996. I bought Microsoft FrontPage and decided I was going to build a website. I used my PR and marketing background and got the word out. I was able to get publicity in some national publications quickly. That became my online business in 1996. It was an online association for moms who either worked at home or wanted to work at home.

Isn’t it brilliant the way the world works? I was the opposite. I spent eight years in a large corporate, Coca-Cola, and I wish I had left earlier to start my business. It sounds like not getting the right job is one of the best things that the universe could have given to you. To hit that time where you were having a young family and the internet was taking off was brilliant. Was it easier or harder than you thought to create this association?

It was fairly easy. Having that marketing and PR background was the key for me to my success because Microsoft FrontPage was all of the Microsoft products. It was easy to build a basic website. You still can build a basic website now. My website now with Hire My Mom which is the business I started years ago branched out of my first website. There’s no way I could build this website. It’s way too complex. There’s too much backend databases and things that have to work and that sort of thing. Early on, it’s just having a basic website and the ability to bring moms together. It’s funny when I think about it that we did a monthly print newsletter because email still wasn’t that prevalent. I had to mail out invoices and things in the mail. We’ve come a long way.

A lot of people say ten years to be an overnight success, but you’ve been at this for more than double that. Your skills with marketing and PR was perfect in what you were creating, but who else were some of your biggest supporters back then and continue to be now?

Early on, my biggest supporter by far was my mom. I was the first-generation college student and not just a college student but then went on to get a full scholarship for Master’s degree. You could almost not keep my mom quiet. She was so proud of me and the fact that I paid for my own schooling for my Bachelor’s degree, and then started my own business. It’s out of necessity, not that I had the aspirations to be an entrepreneur. She was so proud of me. I used to laugh and say, “Mom, nobody wants to hear about me. Would you talk about something else?” As parents, we’re proud of our kids. I did lose her years ago but I still think of her often and how proud she was of me, and what I had accomplished with meager beginnings.

Mom is always the biggest supporter. I lost my mom in 2019. We had a similar health condition and she was incredible. She lasted over ten years on dialysis in a condition where she was in such poor health. I truly believe she did that to see me have a better outcome. I had a kidney transplant from my best friend that she’d known for 30 years. She waited for that moment and then she’d get past thereafter. Incredible moms. What you do is help moms spend more time with their children that they love and are passionate about whilst helping entrepreneurs brand. Why don’t we get into that? When someone says to you, “Lesley, what is Hire My Mom? What do you do? Who do you help?” How do you best describe that?

I had a very strong passion myself as a mom to be at home. I took that passion with that first website. As working from home became more accepted, I was like, “Now is the time to build a platform where I can connect these moms and these small businesses.” In a nutshell, I say we are a boutique service connecting small businesses with independent virtual professionals. I love the small business community and the entrepreneurs because I’ve fit in that category, but I also have a passion for moms who want to work from home. For me, it’s the best of both worlds because I have such a passionate heart for both of those audiences and I get to serve them both with my business.

What do you know about this that a lot of people miss?

About the small business?

I suppose in helping entrepreneurs with virtual talent. It surprises me because I always say in business you need a computer, a phone and a virtual assistant. It’s that simple but a lot of people still don’t get that.

Part of it is a fear of losing some part of your business for the new entrepreneur or the small business that has not yet hired, and not wanting to let something go for fear of somebody not doing it as well as you. What I like to encourage people to do is look at your day. What do you not like to do? What do you not have time to do? What are you not doing well? Those are the first things you should consider outsourcing or hiring a virtual assistant, whether it’s a social media manager or accountant/bookkeeper, whatever that area of your business is.

BLG 238 | Hire My Mom

Hire My Mom: Having a virtual assistant to do the daily administration of your business saves you a lot of time to focus on more strategic things.


For me, it was a virtual assistant because I didn’t want to be bogged down in the daily administration of emails and that sort of thing. Having someone answer those, it frees up a lot of time. I don’t know about you, but I can get stuck in email for 2 or 3 hours if I’m not careful and if I don’t have someone helping me. That was a huge time saver for me, and then finding the right person. For me, the next one I wanted help with was social media. Even though I enjoy it and it’s part of my background with PR and marketing, I didn’t want to be bogged down in having to do that and come up with ideas and content.

It worked out beautifully because my 25-year-old, who was my inspiration graduated with her degree and shortly after became pregnant with her first and didn’t want to go back to work. I was like, “I have seen this before.” The bottom line is she’s now my social media person. It works so beautifully because I already had my branding down so she could pick up on that. She knows my voice so well as my daughter that I almost never have to change. I approve everything before and I rarely have to adjust anything because I’m like, “That sounds like me. Who knows me better than my own child?”

Going back to the emails. When I was a director at Coke, it would be 250, 300 emails a day. It was ridiculous. I had written into my contract that I had to have an executive assistant. The number one thing I did was triaged my emails. I was only touching the stuff that I was meant to do. Now I spend five minutes on email. My team did take. If I need to do something, it goes into the project management software. I’m never looking at my emails. For a lot of people, it’s like, “The last thing I’ll ever let go is my emails.” I’m sure you’ve heard that before. What do you say to people in they are like, “My emails, it has to be done by me?”

It was simple as creating more than one email. If you have certain things you want to come directly to you then have that email go directly to you. For instance, on my website, that email goes directly to my virtual assistant. That’s the email address we put on anything that’s going to go out into the world. She gets the same questions that everybody asks and those sorts of things. Occasionally let’s say Paul emailed and he wants me to do a podcast. She forwards it to me. It’s a lot easier than me sifting through all of those emails and trying to find the ones that I truly need to look at and see if it’s something I’m going to do or want to do.

That’s a great suggestion. You can also use filters to do that. Even if you don’t have multiple email addresses, you can apply similar principles. Your ideal clients, you spoke about small businesses and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs mean something different to everybody. Who are your sweet spot or the people that you love to help?

I do have a heart for the entrepreneurs. The people that sometimes need a little bit more hand-holding because I consider us more of a boutique service. If they have questions on how to write the job post or you have key questions that we should consider, we’ve tried to become a hub for the small businesses and entrepreneurs. In our blog every week, we had some content related to either the small business community or the mom community on the whole business of outsourcing, cover letters, resumes, interviewing, hiring, business growth, and so on. I’ve also been doing weekly interviews as well with different people who have business expertise. Sharing all of that with our audience so that it’s not just a platform to post a job, but it’s a community of like-minded individuals where you can come and ask questions. We have Facebook groups so that you can grow, learn, and have access to other resources.

Take us quickly through how the process works. I go to your website, what’s the logical sequence to go from hitting your website to hiring a great mom?

As a business, you could look at our pricing page. If you wanted to see the three packages that we offer. Once you’ve decided this is what you want to do, you simply fill out a form with your information, your job description, key skills, traits, the pay range, you hit submit. My virtual assistant reviews it. She makes sure you’re a good person, you’re legitimate, you’re not a scam artist. Once that review is complete, it goes live on our website. From there, resumes will start as soon as people start saying, “That’s what I want to apply for.”

You have the ability to turn the job ad off if you say, “I’ve got ten resumes. I’ve got 50 resumes. I don’t want to look at anybody else right now.” What I think is nice about a smaller platform too is that is typical on a platform like Hire My Mom depending on what type of job it is. You might get anywhere from 10 to 50 resumes versus I’ve had some of the businesses say they posted on Indeed or some of these other mega job sites, and they’ll have 900 or more resumes in 24 hours. That’s too much for anyone to go through. It does make the job a little bit more simplified to use a smaller platform especially if you know that niche has the type of talent that you’re looking for.

What are the key things that an entrepreneur should look for so they get to tender the 50 resumes? How do you weed that down to the top three? What are some tips on that?

I’ll tell you what I do personally because I use the platform. I needed to hire a new virtual assistant. One of the things that helped me was I look at their resume and their cover letter. If their cover letter is not tailored to my job, then it immediately makes me think they weren’t that interested. They just sent through a form email. Somebody that takes a little extra time and says, “Hire My Mom, I appreciate this about your business. I saw this blog. It resonated with me.” Something that let you know this isn’t a hit to submit a quick and easy application. From there, the next thing that was so helpful for me is I created a form. It was only about 8 or 10 questions, but that’s how I selected my top five to interview.

I asked them things like, “How many hours are you looking to work? Do you have a desired pay range? What interested you the most about this job?” Things like that to further reduce. I had about 40 people who applied for it. From there, I was able to select. I interviewed 5 or 6 and I knew immediately when they were available because I needed someone soon. If they said a month then they got put aside. If their pay range was $30 or $40 higher than mine, then I put them aside. It helped me not have to waste their time or my time.

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What we do is I’ve got six questions and I get people to respond to them via video so I can get a sense of who they are. Have you tried that technique or any thoughts on doing something like that?

I have seen people put that in their job description and I love that. Some people have told me from the job seeker side, not necessarily just on video, but I have had in our community them say if there is too much work up front, some people won’t apply. Sometimes they’ll say, “Send me two writing samples on this specific thing and send me a five-minute video on this,” or whatever it might be. I love the idea of having them answer the six questions because I’m assuming that’s 3 to 5 minutes max. It’s not taking a ton of their time and you’re getting a feel for who they are versus reading their words on a piece of paper.

In the interview questions, what are some of the ones that you love to ask that you think is different from the common set you can get off the internet?

I always like to know why they’re interested in the job because you can get a feel on whether it’s a standard answer that they tell everyone, or if it’s something about your business that impacted them, or you impacted them somehow, someway. Their experience and their skills are important. A lot of times, depending on what type of job it is, they can be trained fairly easily. Getting to know a little bit about their personality because different personalities mesh well and work well together. Some of these businesses will have them do whether it’s the Myers-Briggs or some of the other Enneagram type personality tests because they know their personality and they know what fits well with them. That’s another tip I’ve seen some of these businesses use.

Tony Robbins has got a free DISC report. If you search Tony Robbins’ DISC, it will come up. It’s got an upgrade to get a different report, but it’s quite easy now. We use DISC a lot. There are some other great tools out there, but DISC is a quick and easy one. What are the elements you’re looking for on a DISC profile? Is there any commonality between a good virtual assistant and a certain DISC profile?

I haven’t personally used DISC, but I am more of a hands-off person and I don’t like to micromanage people. My virtual assistant told me when we did our 30-day review that I was the most organized person she had ever worked for. She said anytime that I can’t remember how to do something, I know immediately where to go. I don’t have to ask you because I’ve taken the time to document the processes, frequently asked questions, and spreadsheets. Our blogs are in a spreadsheet so you can immediately go find where’s that one on the top interview questions. Instead of searching through the blog, you go to the spreadsheet and type in the word. It’s as being as organized as you can. If you’re like me, knowing you don’t like to micromanage and you would like to say, “Let’s meet once a month if we need to powwow about things through Zoom or it might be weekly.” It’s not having to hold someone’s hand and make sure they’re doing their job every day.

I find two buckets because I ran an outsourcing company for years before I had to divest it because of my health. There was the school saying, “I’d love to get a VA, but I’ve got to get everything right first. I’ve got to get all my processes out of my head and get it done.” There are other people that bring someone on to help them build those processes. They know it’s naturally not their strength. What’s your advice? Be on either camp?

They’re both great. It depends on how you’re wired. It felt like it was easier and quicker for me to do it than to try to have someone explain it to someone. It depends on how your brain works and what your day is like. As I’ve gone forward, now that she has all of those, I’ll give her, for instance, “Build me this spreadsheet and let’s do this.” Now that I have the basic platform foundation on things, she’s helping me grow it more.

Sometimes the elephant in the room is, what’s it going to cost me? What’s the investment to get a virtual assistant? As an average range for a great mom, as a virtual assistant working from home, what should an entrepreneur expect to invest?

Virtual assistant as you know can mean a million different things these days. When I think of virtual assistant, my personal mindset is someone who’s doing emails, returning phone calls, more administrative. On our platform, that pay range is typically from $15 to $25 an hour. If you need someone who have more technical skills, let’s say they do some backend work on your platform, they’ve got a skillset in Infusionsoft or some other platform that takes more training, then it might be $20 to $30 an hour. Some people are willing to work for more and some want to work for less. Everybody got their sweet spot of what they want to earn. I always tell a business, if your budget is $15 to $20 an hour, put that on there. You can then create that form to say what’s your desired pay. If they put $30 then you know it’s not going to be a great fit or they may not be satisfied for very long if you’re not able to go above.

Most of the moms and most of your clients, where are they based in the world?

Primarily in North America. Since I’m based here in Texas, a lot of the businesses and the following that I’ve garnered up over the years being in America. A lot of the small businesses, the word of mouth has primarily been in North America. We do have some in Australia and Europe, but it is primarily English-speaking countries. We haven’t had the non-English speaking countries be a part of the platform.

BLG 238 | Hire My Mom

Hire My Mom: What is nice about a smaller platform is that it is simpler to choose the talent you are looking for without having to go through several hundred resumes like you would in mega job sites.


Do you have any in Scotland?

I can’t think of any Scotland. I can think of a few from England and Ireland, but I can’t recall any from Scotland. I may have to do some work there.

Is there any particular labor law or anything that people need to be aware of with hiring a virtual assistant within the US?

I always tell people in America to look at the IRS guidelines because they do have specific guidelines on whether they are considered an employee or a contractor such as the type of work they’re doing or how much instruction they’re given. It’s always good to refer to that to make sure that they do fall in the contractor status if that’s what you’re hiring them as.

Here in Australia, if 70% or more of your income comes from one source, then you’re considered a pseudo employee rather than a contractor. Is it a similar thing in the US under the IRS laws?

I have not heard of that specific one.

It might be different there but when I was in corporate and we used to contract talent in, we had to be careful that we weren’t more than 70% of their things. You can find out more about Lesley at Before we go into the Live section, I would like to show you how to get 3 to 5 new clients a month on LinkedIn by spending 30 minutes a day even if you don’t know where to start or have limited marketing funds. Go to and watch on-demand free masterclass for the sales machine. You’ll learn three key things. One is the secret to ten times your views. The second is the seven killer elements to get people engaging on your posts. The third is the scripts that you can use to get 50%-plus response rates to your messages. A lot of the activities should be done by a virtual assistant so you can also look at Hire My Mom to get some help. The Live section, Lesley, some of the daily habits that help you be successful.

I am a very active Christian. I always start my day in prayer and Bible time to try to keep my mindset in the right direction. I also try to be proactive with my health meaning that I see a wellness doctor, a holistic doctor, and try to keep my body clean and clear of anything that’s not natural, and also daily exercise or maybe not daily, but lots of times a week if I can fit some exercise in because we know that sitting at the desk all day every day is not good for us.

What’s your preferred type of exercise?

Prior to COVID, all the gyms here have been closed down. They’ve reopened but you’re required to wear a mask. I won’t get into my thoughts on that, but let’s say I haven’t gone back in until the mask issue gets resolved. It’s been running, walking, and bike riding outdoors for me right now.

I’m assuming that’s done earlier in the morning because it’s hot where you are.

Most definitely. Preferably before 8:00 AM because here in Texas, we’re in the middle of the hottest part of the year. It’s very humid. You can walk out the door and start sweating.

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I’ve only been there once to Houston and it was very hot. As they always say, lots of flags and pickups. Sam is your partner with your four children. What would you like to say to Sam about the support he’s given you through this journey?

He has been my steadfast through all of this. We all have good days and bad days, but he is the one that always encourages me and reminds me of all of the good things that I’ve accomplished, all the lives that I’ve helped, all the moms that I’ve helped, the small businesses. He’s a great encourager, a great leader of our family, a great provider and protector especially at 6’10”. People see him and not sure what to do with him. We always joke that everything is bigger in Texas. He was a basketball player so he’s got that basketball build.

The Give section, I know you give amazing opportunities through Hire My Mom. Are there any other communities or charities that you support and passionate about?

There are several. I would say our top few, we have one that we’re passionate about called Global Media Outreach. It was started by one of the top executives at Apple. It’s a platform where it’s online. Anyone who is in a state of depression or suicide, they can search these terms. Global Media Outreach has online prayer partners and online missionaries all over the world. I was an online missionary with them for a few years. We also are passionate about a ministry called Mighty Oaks. It helps veterans that come back with post-traumatic stress syndrome. It helps them walk through a Christ-based program to help them rehabilitate and get back on their feet. We have a camp that we’re passionate about called Pine Cove. I could go on and on. I have a list of about ten ministries that we’re passionate about.

That is so impressive. Even though I’m in Australia, most of my clients are in the US and I’m always inspired by how much you guys give. For us, we’ve still got a bit of a wider to go there. As a total, anyone reading this from the US, you do a brilliant job at it. Anyone reading from Australia, we need to pull up our socks but well done for you individually giving so much. It’s something you should be very proud of. I give all my book proceeds and a portion of my revenue to the Purple House. If you want to support them, you can go to the The last is the Rapid-fire section. I’ll ask you some questions to get some rapid-fire responses. The first one is what are your top three personal effectiveness tips?

Number one is stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone else tell you who and what you should do. Do what you love that brings you joy. For me, I stumbled into what I do but I tell everybody that I absolutely love what I do and it does bring me joy, and then to take care of your mind, body and spirit. Oftentimes, as entrepreneurs, we can let that part of our life go. It’s so important for the healthy living aspect and being able to be at full capacity on every level.

If you go to third?

That was it. Take care of your mind, body, spirit. Number one and two went together for doing what you love.

What’s an essential tip for running your business?

G Suite, we do a lot with it, Google docs, spreadsheets, and the email. It keeps us all organized as a team. That’s all around the country. I love also Slack. It keeps everything organized for us for communication. For me personally, I love Trello. It keeps me organized. I have 5 or 6 boards and 1 or 2 team members on that. Those are the tools that I find useful and helpful.

What are some of the best sources of new ideas for you?

Podcast, there are so many out there like yours. It’s almost like having your own personal coach and on any topic that you could ever want. If you can’t afford a coach, listen to podcast at least once a week. You get fresh ideas and inspiration. That’s one of the best things for a small business.

The question I always ask people is what speed do you listen in?

BLG 238 | Hire My Mom

Hire My Mom: Entrepreneurs often let go of the healthy living aspect of their lives. Taking the time to take care of your mind, body and spirit enables you to operate at full capacity in every level.


It depends. If I’m sitting, whether I’m out or I’m in my car, but typically at 1 to 1.5. As I listened to you say you had it on 2.5, I thought, “I don’t know how he can digest that quickly.”

I’m 2.5 sometimes 3. I’ll listen to myself at 3 because I talk too slow but you get used to it. Sometimes my kids will jump in my car and it will automatically go to the podcast. They’re like, “Dad, how do you listen to that? It sounds like The Chipmunks.” I’m like, “I just get used to it.”

Your ear has been trained.

I did the same for video and everything. I like to speed it all up. The last question is the big one. I won’t leave it to the last for that reason, but what impact do you want to leave the world?

I want to be remembered and known as someone who cared deeply about others. That means my family, my faith, my community, and to leave a legacy of following your heart, your passion, and being a good person.

Your mom would be very proud of you. I’m sure she’s spreading the word up in heaven right now about the amazing job you’re doing. You can find more about Lesley at She’s also kindly given us some excellent tools and apps that every entrepreneur should have. You can go to the same It’s been wonderful hearing your story. I’ve got an absolute passion for using virtual assistants. For business owners, it’s a must-have. The way you’re doing it, how you’re helping moms live their dream, and entrepreneurs live theirs as well is great. If you’re after a virtual assistant, please go ahead and check Lesley’s platform. Lesley, thanks for being on the show.

Thank you. It’s been my pleasure.

What a wonderful human Lesley is. She provides such a brand platform for entrepreneurs and moms to create opportunities for them. She also is such a giving person. She could have gone on forever in the Give section alone. I’d love to know what is your biggest takeaway from Lesley. Please share on your socials mentioning her and Hire My Mom. If you believe someone you know would benefit from the show, please share it with them. They would love you for it. You can learn the three steps to find and convert your ideal clients on LinkedIn in a free on-demand masterclass at Please take action to build your profit to fund your lifestyle and stay well.

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Pyle was named one of “50 Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us” by Self-Made magazine and has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many others.

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