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Have you heard of ‘The result itself is only a means to an end’? During this episode, Paul explains what is the 80/20 of closing sales that most business owners might be missing. He also gives examples and shares a resource where you can find out more about it.


01:20 – Why did I start playing golf?

02:38 – How did I find out the 80/20 of golf?

04:18 – What is the 80/20 of closing sales?

04:38 – A real example of the 80/20 of closing sales

05:57 – Three key actions from today


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What was the 80/20 in my golf game?

If you’ve read my LinkedIn profile at the end of the headline, I say I’m a golfing tragic. I do the exact same thing in my email signature. If you get that, I’ve been playing since I was 10 when my father became an addict to the sport, and he dragged me along. He was left‑handed, so I used to steal his clubs. So I’m a left‑hander, and I managed to get into single figures before family and work became a much higher priority. 

Post my transplant in 2019, I was told I had a 90% chance of getting melanoma cancer. So that ruled out practising cycling and tennis because it’s hard to keep the sun off, so I decided to go back to golf. You can have an umbrella where I look like an 80-year-old person. But as my wife says, I’ve always been an all or nothing personality. So, of course, I set a goal of getting back to single figures. I didn’t consider the scar tissue built up for my nephrectomy in 2018, which impacted my flexibility.

Long story short, I was on a golfing holiday, and I thought it could slide down a staircase, and I gave myself a six-week holiday from the game. I started reading golf books whilst lying flat and realized what the 80/20 of golf is: It’s under a hundred yards or 90 meters.


What is the 80/20 of closing sales?

In my mind, it’s about ambitions and personal life. The result itself is only a means to an end. I’m sure we’ve all heard that before, but I’d like to give an example. I had a new prospect, and he wanted to scale his business by 5X top line and 8X bottom line. I didn’t understand the underlying reasons. I know that he wants a faster car, but what’s his end destination. 

As I dug into it using some structured questions that I have, he wanted to give people in Africa, especially in Uganda and Rwanda, a better life by creating a development hub where he’d take people out of universities and give them opportunities that they’d never have. This is linked to something that he did in his younger years, where he went over there and helped people. 

Amazing guy, an incredible story, but  I would have never known that unless I dug in a little bit deeper. And as we spoke about this, you could see just how he came to life on the call. It was tapping into why was he doing this? And I’d love to know for you, what was the last time you saw that shift in a sales conversation? If you haven’t seen that shift, I think it’s because you’re missing that 20%.


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Three key actions from today

  1. Don’t ride rails on steep staircases.
  2. Start asking people about their ambitions and what it personally means to them.
  3. Reach out to me to see how I structure the questions to find out their personal ambitions.


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