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There are all kinds of professional groups across social media platforms. We’re mostly there to find solutions/help/advice from people who are or were in our shoes at some point. But do you know how to build sales from those groups? Paul shares three stages of building sales from groups and how you could apply them to your business.


01:23 – 3 Stages Of Building Sales From Groups

02:44 – The spa

03:05 – The pool

04:08 – The plunge pool

05:12 – Three key actions from today


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3 Stages Of Building Sales From Groups



You want to find a group with a very tight alignment with your ideal client. Then, you want to welcome yourself and watch the behaviours of the group and get very comfortable around those dynamics. It’s like warming up like you do when you go to the spa.



It’s time to deep your toes in the water… in the group. But don’t come out too strong. You don’t need a big entrance or be the guy who offers help by DM. Give the best answer you can to someone’s challenge for all to see. Don’t hold back. If the person does their research, they may reach out to you anyway. Leave the DM for something that gets technical, but keep it public for as long as possible.



When I said plunge, did you immediately get fearful? You have most likely been promised a spa and ended up in the plunge pool when working with an expert. Let people know what you do and how you have helped people just like them. This is how you make them feel safe. If I’m getting you in the plunge pool, I want you to talk it through with me, so you know what the experience can be like and what’s happened when other people have done it. It’s the same with sales in these groups.


Three key actions from today

  1. Find groups on Facebook or other platforms. 
  2. Set up the strategy. What are you going to do from the spa to the pool to the plunge pool?
  3. Listen to episode 399 on the 7th of June. Put it on your calendar.


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