BLG 24 l How To Double Your Sales with Tanya Gray


Tanya Gray from Be Business started her career in the paper industry working for some of the largest players in the Industry. She spent time in both operations and sales and was very successful in everything she put her hand too.
Her husband and father are both successful business people and they gave Tanya the support and knowledge to launch her own career – which has been a wonderful journey which she shares openly on the podcast.
Tanya is an expert in sales and provides many practical tips on how best to sell in today’s modern world.
This is an episode not to miss.

What you will learn in this podcast
  • Importance of listening to mentors as you take the brave step from corporate
  • How to overcome anxiety as you transition
  • Three key steps to doubling your sales
  • How to pick the right suppliers
  • The concept of DIFOTQ
  • How to avoid key time stealers
  • How to use Amazon review to pick your next book


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