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If you’re still in the early days of growing or scaling your business, defining your ideal client profile could be your biggest challenge. You want to serve a broader audience and focus on a specific target market at the same time. Paul’s advice is to get super niche, and you’ll start seeing some traction in a few months. In this episode, he explains how he gets super niche using The 5 ones from Taki Moore and gives some real examples.


01:28 – Why you should be super niche

03:28 – Examples of niche target markets

06:54 – The Ideal Client Profile (ICP) Framework

07:25 – Three key actions from today


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The riches are in the niches.

Taki Moore is one of the best marketers for coaches in the world. I’ve done some work with him, and he’s actually helped me develop the ICP Framework you’ll find at the end. He talks about the 5 ones: one target market, one product and service, one conversion tool, one traffic, and one year. And here are my 5 ones:

  • Target market: Cloud consultants or SaaS partners
  • Product or service: A community called the Cloud Consultants Collective and one-on-one services.
  • Conversion tool: Sales calls. 
  • Traffic: LinkedIn 
  • Year: I’ll be doing this for the next year based on the success so far.

That is my target market. But so often, I see people who are not super-niche enough. Their audience is just too broad. What I’ve done is developed an ideal client profile.


Examples of niche target markets


We were very specific in who we targeted. And our super niche was teenagers, which you could see in our advertising. But that didn’t mean that other people didn’t drink it.


Paul Higgins (me)

I was working with coaches and consultants up to November of last year, but I found that a little difficult to scale the business because I couldn’t help them as much. So I went back to what I was great at. And what I’m great at is that I scaled and sold a tech consulting business. 

So if you looked at my profile back before November, it was specific, but it wasn’t super niche. Now it is. And we’ve done a great job in building a community called the Cloud Consultants Collective. It has 75 members in six weeks, and we’re doing a very targeted outreach around that one person. But that doesn’t stop other people coming in.


A new client of mine

He heard me on a podcast that was probably 12 months old. He loved what he heard, so he reached out to me. When he went to my profile, where I clearly say that I help cloud/SaaS partners, that didn’t stop him from contacting me. What I can do for him equally applies; even though it’s not my key target market, it’s not my super niche. 

He’d worked for Apple, Twitter, and some other massive tech giants, but his LinkedIn profile didn’t show that. But it made perfect sense if he focused on the industry to become super niched. But he was worried about clients who aren’t exactly in tech looking at his profile and losing some sales. But the very best proof was the way he got to me. He saw my profile and still reached out to me.


CTA 1-on-1


Three key actions from today

  1. Define your 5 ones 
  2. Complete the framework. The ICP it’s completely free.
  3. Go and change your LinkedIn profile and send it to me for feedback.


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