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Sales Strategies for Consulting Businesses

Every person has a unique story to tell about how they got where they are today. And when you work as a consultant or mentor, a 3-minute video gets people to know you, and they can decide if they really want to meet you. Hence, it’s a great way to prequalify your potential clients and find the right fit for your business. In this solo episode, I share my story, so you can have an idea of how to create yours. I also tell you all the places you can use your video to reach your audience.

Key components of my story

My mum inspires this story because she would have turned 75 on October 5th. We share the same birthday, and this year will be the second birthday that I celebrate without her.

It all kicked off when I was 18, and I vividly remember that day. She had a massive heart attack, and we found out she has an inherited kidney condition that I would have tested positive with years later. She never forgave herself to pass it on to me, so I decided to become a high performing person to make her proud.

I started my career in The Coca-Cola Company and did great things during my 18 years as a part of that company. But in 2011, my Nephrologist told me to slow down, or I would need a transplant sooner than planned. So I left Coca-Cola, started a two tech outsourcing business, but I was still travelling a lot.

Once again, in 2018, the same doctor told me that if I wanted to see my grandkids, I really needed to make changes in my lifestyle. So I sold my companies and quickly realised that I could work on sales from anywhere. I started doing sales and business strategy advising from my while connected to the dialysis machine four times a week, 2,5 hours. 

In 2019, I received a transplant from my best friend, but the best part was that my mum got to see that incredible experience before she passed. I think she prolonged her journey on dialysis to see the silver lining in there.

Then I created the Accelerate Sales Program, which helps consultants, tech companies, and tech resellers focus on what they are great at while getting sales support. I also started my podcast, which has now over 300 episodes. And my ultimate goal is to help people double their referrals to generate the income they need to live a life of freedom.


Where you can use your story

  • Your story should be three minutes long tops
  • Feature section of your LinkedIn profile
  • Email outreach.
  • In your booking links.
  • The About section of your website.
  • In your YouTube Channel
  • In your referral strategy


Three key actions from today

  1. Watch my story to get a guide on LinkedIn
  2. Create your own story
  3. Sent it to me to give you feedback




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