Today’s topic is:

Stop wasting sales time on these activities

You will learn:

  • What time you should spend on sales a week
  • What is wasting your time
  • What to do about it



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Today’s topic is: Stop wasting sales time on these activities
You will learn:

  • What time you should spend on sales a week
  • What is wasting your time
  • What to do about it

I have been in sales for 35 years. 70% of my life. I started as a casual at Coca-Cola filling supermarket shelves and worked up to a part-time merchandiser while gaining two bachelors of business – Accounting and marketing – I love arguing with myself.
I was thrown a set of keys when I left uni to fill a gap for them until I got a real job. This lasted for 18 years.
Whether I was leading a team of highly paid corporate sales reps or mentoring service-based business owners, I saw a common pattern as to what got in the road of them selling more.
As a business owner who is doing all the selling, you should be allocating at least 25% of your time to sales and a further 25% to marketing.
What about you, how much time are you spending on sales?
I track every 30 minutes of my time in Toggl. YTD I am 23% sales and 22% marketing. I need to lift my game.

Before we go into what could be wasting your time and how to fix it,
I would like to talk to you about Dubb – D U B B. It is an All-in-one sales & marketing video platform that helps to attract, convert, and retain more happy clients.
Stand out in someone’s inbox – be it email, slack or social media – by sending them videos
I used it this week to give feedback to a client on their 1st draft of their business methodology. Something they can use to make it easier for people to buy from them.
Why not check it out for yourself.
Go to

What you could be wasting your time on and what to do

  1. Typing – Use voice to text at every opportunity.
  2. Data entry – Use a sales CRM which scrapes data – I use
  3. Copper CRM which connects nicely to Gmail
  4. Booking meetings – I use a scheduler called Book like a Boss. Calendly and Acuity and other options
    Asking the same questions in a sales call. Have some questions they fill out prior. I have them set up in Book like a Boss.
  5. Repeating copy – Use text replacement for repeating blocks of text
  6. Repeating emails – Have email templates in your sales CRM. If you would like to see some of mine just email me
  7. Manual proposals – Use a proposal platform to get your team to update sections on your behalf. I use betterproposals.
  8. Calling and SMS from your contacts – Use your sales CRM to search and contact people. When you send a dialogue box will appear to take notes
  9. Manual reporting – Ditch the spreadsheets for system-generated reports from your sales CRM
  10. Followup – Have scripted replies your Virtual Assistant or sales assistant can send on your behalf. If you want to go high tech have automation set up in your sales CRM to task your SA
  11. Repeating what you say – Send videos that you record once and your team shares on your behalf. Dubb mentioned above is great for this
  12. Real-time consumption of info – Listen and watch at 2-2.5x. Video speed controller – a chrome ext is a game-changer

I could go on and on but you have enough to implement now.
What have I forgotten? Send me an email with what you do to stop wasting sales time and I will do another episode on this.

Three key actions from today

  1. Track your sales time
  2. Implement 3 from my list of 12
  3. Send me what I have missed

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