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Have you hired mentors and coaches and then never listened to their advice? I’ve been there. The funny thing is that the same it’s happening in my business. But why would you ignore advice from someone who can help you scale your business? And what is the worst it could happen if you wouldn’t?


01:27 – This is what happens when I ignore advice

03:39 – Have I ignored advice in my business?

05:35 – Now it’s happening when I mentor Cloud Consultants

07:01 – I’m taking advice and testing new things in my business

08:47 – Three key actions from today


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This is what happens when I ignore advice

If you’ve been listening for a while, you know I’m a big golf fan. So the other day, I was playing with two members of the National Golf Club, an amazing spot in the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia.

On three occasions, one of the members recommended I use a certain golf club. But knowing my distances and having the confidence to be an OK golfer, I ignored the advice. I landed 10 yards short (nine meters) and spanned off the green on all of those occasions.

But why didn’t I listen to him? Was it pride? Was it stubbornness? Was it the fact that he wasn’t playing as well as me, so I thought I was a better golfer than him? To be honest, it was a combination of all. But what I wonder where else does this happen in my life?


Have I ignored advice in my business?

I’ve always had mentors in my life, especially when I left corporate because I knew that running my own business was very different to my 18 year career at Coca-Cola. But when I look back, I have not taken the advice of paid mentors in the past because I convinced myself I knew my business better.

I remember one of my mentors said: “An offer that converts is the most important thing in your business. So go out and try to get someone to buy something you’re selling.” But instead, I was focusing on getting a website, business cards, and all of that. You know what happened. Have you been in a situation where someone’s giving you some advice, someone that’s probably walked in your shoes, someone that has the experience, and you’ve ignored it?


Now it’s happening when I mentor cloud consultants

I see the same thing happening when I mentor cloud consultants, especially in sales and marketing. I ask them what they are doing that is working well. And sometimes, they go straight to what’s not working. I show them how have I ever done that in my business or I’ve done it with clients. They listen, and then either they say they’re going to try it and don’t, or they don’t even try it.

I’ve been there and don’t always practise what I preach. But you are probably the number one reason your business is not scaling at the pace you want it to. It’s not because you’re not smart enough, passionate enough, or tenacious enough. It’s because you don’t listen to people that have walked in your shoes. And all you have to do is test things.


I’m taking advice and testing new things in my business

I recently hired a new marketing expert, Bob, and I’ve just given myself permission to test things. I know I’m nervous or fearful about it. I’m a bit of a control freak, in some ways. But I know that the only way that things are going to be different is if I stop doing what I’m currently doing, try new things and get out of the way,

If it’s time for you to do something different, what advice are you not paying attention to from an expert who will help you scale faster? Or what advice do you need from an expert you aren’t seeking? I can’t help you with that, but grab a piece of paper or even go and ask your life partner, business partner, and your colleagues where are the blind spots that you’re not seeing that others can.


Three key actions from today

  1. Send an email to [email protected] to tell me why aren’t you paying attention, and I’m happy to be your accountability partner.
  2. If you need an expert to listen to, email me at [email protected] I have a list of over 600 partners or experts specifically for cloud consultants that I can help you with.
  3. Ask your team and/or partner in life what they’re seeing that you’re missing.


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