Sonya grew up watching her father struggle as an entrepreneur. This led her to going into corporate where she was an early adapter of digital. 
In 2010 she got caught up in a political stoush and even though she had killer results, she was let go. 
She was reluctant to run her own business as her mentor suggested and it took the wise words of her brother to give her faith in her abilities. 
She now helps small business owners to grow through finding more leads. If getting leads is a gap in your business, this is one not to miss out on. 

What you will learn in the podcast

  • Fully uncover the pain points of your ideal clients and remember it is all about them and not you
  • How to write a killer brief
  • The importance of having your website as the window to your shop and maintaining it
  • How do you know what to invest to get a lead?
  • What % of revenue should you be spending on marketing 
  • What you should do to retain clients
  • What is the best marketing activity you can do to get more leads
  • How you need to find your tribe – as she calls it ‘your church’
  • And so much more



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