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If you’re only doing LinkedIn outreach and want to open up to cold email, you need to listen to this interview. William Wang is here to explain why we should combine cold email and social selling to accelerate our sales. During this conversation with Paul, he shares insider tips on how you nail cold emails, such as not using your primary domain to send those emails. Willam is the founder of Growth Labz, and he specializes in helping B2B businesses get qualified leads to find their dream clients.




03:50 – What are the problems William helps to solve? How to match the marketing with the sales and with the delivery.

08:14 – Cold email. It’s more scalable than LinkedIn.

11:21 – What stage is LinkedIn in the buyer’s journey? Consideration and conversion.

14:58 – Email subject line. Try different things because you never know how the market is going to react.

19:41 – Should we use humour in cold email? Talk like a human speaking to another human across the table.

22:56 – Send cold emails from a different domain. You could get marked as spam with your primary domain.

24:46 – How to know if your emails are going into spam. William uses a free website called

28:28 – How to build a quality list. LinkedIn, association websites, events.

32:08 – The Sales Deep Dive. William’s sales habits.


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Cold email and LinkedIn are not mutually exclusive

The reason William chooses cold email over LinkedIn is a matter of scale. They used to do 60/40 cold email versos LinkedIn, but LinkedIn became more restrictive as people started spamming the platform. People began dropping off the platform, and the quality of leads and connections became low quality. So William thinks they’ve done the right thing by its users by restricting the number of connections you can have and being very strict on the quality now.

However, some of the clients Growth Labz has worked with have sales teams of 10, 20, 30 people, or even more sometimes. So if you restrict what you can do on the platform itself, they need to step back and look at what they can scale, which is cold email. It’s not to say LinkedIn doesn’t work. It does, but it’s minimal in terms of how you scale. It’s a lot more content-driven, and you have to be on the platform looking at what your leads and what your contacts are saying and then interacting with them that way. It’s a bit more organic and relationship-driven, which is great, but in terms of scaling and getting consistent leads, it has dropped in terms of how we look at it as a platform or a channel.


What are we missing about cold email?

The biggest thing from William’s point of view in terms of cold email is how we approach it. If we think about traditional marketing funnels where we got to bring people in, raise awareness, and nurture them, many people would cut email and jump straight to the sales conversation requesting time for a meeting. But people in busy roles don’t want to waste their time on something that may or may not be relevant to them. 

So a lot of people jump into a too big of an ask too soon, and they also don’t verify that the message is even relevant for people to fill if you could be speaking about. So the way William looks at cold email is a permission marketing play. They email people to start a relationship and ask their permission to market to them and give them more information later on in the process, rather than going straight for a 45-minute meeting.


Tips on how to nail your cold emails

  • Don’t start your first sentence with the typical “Hope you had a good day” because you don’t know them.
  • Start the email addressing the value upfront, asking a question to start a conversation, asking for their opinion, or asking if that will be relevant for them.
  • Ask a lot of questions in the email rather than trying to push statements, benefits or sales messages.
  • If your industry allows it, push the boundaries and use humour to stand out.
  • Never attach a file in a cold email.
  • Use gifs in the right context.


Send cold emails from a different domain

Always send cold emails from a different domain. If you’re starting cold emailing, or you haven’t done it for a while, or you’re trying a new campaign, if anything goes wrong, you could get marked as spam in a lot of inboxes with your primary domain. So then, when you do send things like invoices or important emails, that starts going to spam. It’s not worth the risk when you can buy a $10 domain to send your cold emails. It’s always a good idea to have that as an insurance policy.


What to do if you don’t get a reply

William uses a framework called the MOM Framework, which means Market-Offer-Marketing.

Market: Are you talking to the right people? Is this even a good market to be emailing into?

Offer: What are you asking for? What is the actual offer that you’re not getting responses for?

Marketing: Is it my open rates? Is my message too long, too short, or not relevant enough?


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The Sales Deep Dive

What are the sales habits that help you accelerate your sales?

Definitely emailing and sitting at a time every single morning as the first thing you do to send a personalized message to 10 or 20 people in your market. That will be the number one. Do it early before we do anything else in the day, make contact, offer your help, give value and just talk to people in your market.


What are some of the tech tools you use to accelerate your sales?

One is obviously a CRM system. We use Active Campaign as our CRM more to set ourselves reminders and put details about leads. The second one, which is super simple, is pen and paper. So every time I write anything or put together a campaign, I always write it out on pen and paper first. The thinking that you get behind it is going to pay itself off.


What’s the best source of leads for your business?

It’s a mix of two things. One is we get many internal referrals. My tagline for my company has always been that we don’t want to be the biggest; we just want to be the best. We generally find that every client that comes on board across a 12-month cycle would refer a least one and a half new clients. So just focusing on our clients, making sure they get a good result and then making sure that they’re happy to talk about the result is a massive lead generator for us. The second one is doing podcasts and speaking at events. That’s been a massive lead generator as well.


What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

Consistency above all else, eat that frog, eat it early. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the perfect email. I’m a big delivering massive imperfect action. Take an hour every single day and just reach out to people and build relationships and the sales will follow.



About William Wang

Will is the Founder and CEO of Growth Labz – a results focused marketing agency that specializes in helping B2B companies get qualified leads and “dream clients”.

Will is a copywriter who regularly creates email campaigns that get 75%+ open rates and 25%+ reply rates.

When Will isn’t hunched over his keyboard, “smashing out copy”, you’ll find him at the beach, surfing, diving, and swimming (or just trying to have fun without drowning).



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