Our guest today, Scott Gellatly is passionate about helping people set up the right platforms to be successful when they leave corporate.
Scott was a corporate escapee and had mentors and family who ran their own business. He didn’t want to be a solo service provider and has worked smart to develop a scalable services business tapping into outsourcing.
He talks about the joy of spending time with his 1st child and how different this is to what it would have been if he stayed in corporate.
Scott talks about the importance of picking the ideal client and sales.  
This interview has great practical advise for BLG listeners.
What you will learn in the podcast

  • The importance of systems to scale your services business
  • How to pick your ideal client
  • The need to focus on sales
  • Different work styles and how to adjust
  • How to structure your perfect week
  • What platforms you can use to escape the soloprenuer trap
  • Productivity tools to save you time

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