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I’ve been working on this ebook for months, so I’m excited to bring this to you today. I’ve walked in your shoes, from starting a cloud consulting business from scratch to building a large team to having a successful exit. And all that first-hand experience is contained in that fantastic document. 

In this episode, you’ll learn the three stages of this blueprint and the three elements under each. I also share where you can download the ebook to see how you’re progressing against this blueprint.


01:40 – Scaling my own cloud consulting business

03:16 – I have walked in your shoes

05:11 – The Scaling Blueprint for Ambitious Cloud Consultants

06:34 – Optimised Business Model

10:11 – ​​Sales and Marketing Engine

13:24 – High Performing Team

17:15 – Three key actions from today


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The Scaling Blueprint for Ambitious Cloud Consultants

The three stages of the blueprint should be, in theory, logically sequenced. But real life is not linear. When scaling your business, you’re looking to solve gaps in different parts of the business; it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

I share my blueprint but be aware that it’s going to be different given your circumstances, your strengths and what you’ve done before. So I highly recommend that you download the ebook, read it, and then come back, listen and take additional notes on this podcast. And once you do that, bring everything to your mentor or coach, and get some advice on what they see in you.


Optimised Business Model

Specialised niche

Do your research on your client’s needs. Mine the data to see if the opportunity you want to go after in that niche is large enough and then look for a partner aligned to that.


Offer optimisation

Check your service profitability, get recurring revenue, and adjust your pricing accordingly.


Client satisfaction

Come up with a customer charter, mapping customer journey mapping, and optimising service delivery.


​​Sales and Marketing Engine 

Reaching out

Get network referrals, do cold outreach (email and LinkedIn), and optimise your sales system.


Be sought after

Get killer marketing assets, optimise your website, and create social media content.


Leveraging partners

Work on SaaS partner maximisation and strategic partners.


High Performing Team 

Letting go

Get clear on everyone’s roles and responsibilities, be always recruiting, and offer training for your team.


System optimisation 

Get everything documented with SOPs, use automation for a lot of marketing and sales activities, and get your tech stack together.


United culture

Share stories and legends, create routines and rituals to keep team culture going, and build culture maps.


Three key actions from today

  1. Download the ebook at
  2. Run your self-analysis past your coach/mentor 
  3. Send me your questions at [email protected]


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