Our guest today is Sam Ghoreyshi from Money Clip Group. Sam and I go way back. Initially, he started an ice cream store in Melbourne but it did not go to plan. He then worked for Coca-Cola and we started working together. He was always customer driven, tenacious and a self-starter. He goes through his journey of climbing ladder whilst missing the attraction of running his own show.
He talks about a course he went through which inspired him to jump into his own business again – something which was not the norm when Sam did it.
He is a great guy with good knowledge and you will get loads of value from this show.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • What made him leave corporate and start his business
  • What his fears were
  • What and who has helped him succeed
  • What gives him joy with what he is doing
  • What his company can help you with
  • What advice he has received to handle the challenges
  • What his weekly schedule is like
  • What causes are important to him and why (eg: Congenital cytomegalovirus)
  • Tips to be productive


Links mentioned in the podcast

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