Sally Foley-Lewis had a stable career in government helping local communities until the ‘goal posts’ were changed on here and she was left unhappy and frustrated.
Her boyfriend and now husband gave her an ultimatum and she got married and moved overseas in the span of 6 weeks.
When Sally returned to Australia, she decided to follow her passion for productive leadership which is what she does today.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • The importance of getting the right support when you are going through a difficult transition
  • Why a confused mind always says no
  • The importance of a consistent message
  • How to apply the 5×5 rule to improve your sales
  • What she learnt from not performing as a CEO and how to bounce back
  • Having 3 bosses and how to handle it
  • Removing temptations to limit bad decisions
  • How to leverage your strengths and compliment your partners
  • Blocking ME time in your calendar
  • Having wiggle room in your calendar every day
  • 3 great tips for improving your public speaking


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