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So today’s topic is: Sales Shift

And I should’ve really said sales mindset shift, but someone told me to keep short titles.

But what you will learn is:

  • Where the balance of decision making sits in sales,
  • How to leverage it
  • And how to close more sales.

So my mum and dad were married for 50 years. Mum was the organizer and dad was the guy who bought all the laughs. Mum passed away in July, 2019 from an inherited kidney condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease. The same one that I have, my mum was so happy though, that she got to see me have a transplant before she passed. And really, I think she lasted probably two years on dialysis, longer than she really should have. That’s what all the specialists said because she wanted to see a better outcome for me and was brilliant that my best mate, Brendan did that. And we all miss her, but no one misses her as much as dad, he actually goes out there three times. I must say, Dad goes out to where she’s buried three times a week, at least to put flowers there. They were best friends.

She always did everything for dad. Now. He lives in a country town and he has amazing friends who look after him. So he’s not completely alone. And he’s blessed to have that. They’re great people. I call him every second day and I play the role that mum often did. Yes. Okay. It’s obvious. I take more after my mum than my dad. He’s so relaxed. And I brought up the topic of a COVID shot.

So here we’ve got Astra Zeneca here in Australia at the moment. And he qualified being 75. And to me, it’s very important to get the jab because I’m immune suppressed and therefore high risk goes in one B of out a rollout, but Dad could have also got it as well. And he qualified as I said, but, I sort of forgot the fact that he was making the decision. I wasn’t making it for him. And I suggested he just goes and get the jab as soon as it becomes available. And each time I asked him, he made a joke about it and said, yeah, I’ll get around to that. But you know, he wasn’t headed in that way at all. And I really stepped back and thought about it and I want the absolute best for dad. And therefore I believed I had the right to tell him what he should do, right. I know it didn’t always work for mum and dad, but that’s what mum did for at least the 50 years they were married. But sometimes, you shouldn’t expect that your expertise or your background gives you the right to actually help someone else make a decision.


And how often do we do this? How often do we use our expertise?

And just assume that we’re doing the right thing by people, we’ve got brilliant intent. We really want to help them, but we’re actually making the decision for them or we think we are, but really we’re not. And like, just think about it now, how many times does that happen for you when you’re the expert selling services in a business?

So I’ll continue this in a moment before I do. I’d like to talk to you about leadjet.io ever looked at a LinkedIn profile and had to manually put the information in your sales CRM, or ever sent someone a message on LinkedIn and had to copy and paste a sales CRM, or even your team, which, you know, wastes time. So no more with leadjet.io It does both of these activities automatically for you on most of the major sales CRMs, including Copper, which is the one we love Pipe Drive, HubSpot, Salesforce, and many more to come. So why not check it out at buildlivegive.com/leadjet.


So, I had made the fatal mistake that all I was doing is making assumptions and decisions on behalf of my dad. And, we all do this on behalf of our clients. And like I said before, we’ve got the best intent at heart, but we don’t always get it. Right. And I didn’t really understand why dad didn’t want to take the COVID shot. And then, look for me to be honest, I just assumed that he was lazy and that’s why I wasn’t doing it. But to cut a long story short, I realized that his true reason for getting a COVID shot was the fact that he is fearful to come to the city he is used to drive there anyway. But he is fearful to come because he didn’t want to potentially contract it and definitely take it back to his community where he lives, where they’ve never had a case of COVID. And also, the reason he comes to the city is to see his grandchildren, right? So that’s really important to him. So once I understood the clear motivation for him doing it, and we talked about that, then he went and signed up.

So where are you making assumptions and putting your expertise ahead of the reason why someone may need to buy your service? So what I’ve done to help me in this and my is create a triaged call process to help ask better questions. So I don’t make the mistakes like I did with my dad upfront. And, you know, in a personal relationship you don’t always default to a template, etcetera, but in work we can. And if you’d like a copy of it, just please email me at [email protected] And I’ll personally make sure that I send it to you.


So three key actions from today:

  1. One is make a sales shift and understand that your prospect is the one who is making the decision, not you.
  2. Next call, take more time to see it from their perspective. So practice what you’re learning here.
  3. And the third is to reach out and grab the triage call from me, just email me at [email protected]

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